RMYG :Chapter 2

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Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Two

My feet will touch the grounds of San Francisco in exactly ten minutes. Home. 

I don't know how I feel about coming back, mostly because I don't know what to expect. What has changed? What happened while I was gone? Questions that were going to be answered all at once. 

I know Alexis will be there, waiting for me until the minute I walk out of the door after I got my luggage. She told me so in her last e-mail and we were talking on the phone the day before yesterday.  

What really worries me is Matt. 

I don't know if he'll be there with Alexis. He doesn't reply my e-mails. The last time I saw him was two and a half years ago. That was his only and last visit. We e-mailed and Skyped after that, but then a few months or so later, he stopped replying. He broke contact between us completely.  

If I ask Alexis about him, she keeps on telling me that he still goes to school and that he's okay. She agrees with me that it's weird he's avoiding me. I told her to ask Matt why, but the only answer to that was; he won't talk to me about it either.  

So I dropped it, but it didn't mean I stopped trying. I kept on writing to him. I know I sound clingy and annoying, but I'm worried and that wasn't normal behavior for Matt.  

"Looking forward to seeing everyone again?" My mom, who is sitting next to me, asks with a loving smile. She knew I had suffered the most when we moved. 

I nod and give her a smile in return hoping it didn't look too unsure as I felt at this moment. I look out the plane window, the pilot on the intercom announcing that we're landing. San Francisco looks so welcoming and innocent to me right now, but who knew what it held for me.  

I grow more and more nervous the closer we got to the ground. The plane wheels hit the ground with a bounce and the plane starts the brakes along the runway. My parents jumped up the minute the plane stops and the little light with the seatbelt sign on it went off.  

They seem a little more excited to get home than I am, so I take my time unbuckling my seatbelt and getting my hand luggage from the luggage cases on the ceiling above our seats. 

"We have to hurry. I hate it when there is a long line at the passport control." My dad says to my mom and I, already following everyone else out of the plane.  

As we walked down the long hallway towards the passport control, I started feeling a little more and more uneasy. I really didn't want to walk out those double doors and not see Matt waiting there for me with Alexis.  

How was I going to react?  

Disappointed? Yes.  

Upset? A little.  

Mad? No.  

I'm the kind of person that only get's mad for a reason. I'll only get mad if I know the reason and if the reason is worth getting mad at.  

Because of me, the line at the passport control is long. I purposely took forever to get there so my dad is a little annoyed at me. To bad time seems to speed up for me.  

While we waited for our luggage, my dad kept complaining about the bad service they had here, but I wasn't listening. 

So what if Matt isn't there, Alexis will be. Maybe Matt will be there. You never know. I really wish he will be there, because I still care for him. Why shouldn't I? I still love him. I've continuously rejected guys in Germany because of him. My friends Lena and Antonia would always make me go clubbing with them, since Berlin is a party place and has the best night clubs in Germany.  

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