RMYG: Chapter 16

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Sixteen

Jason’s POV

“You just disappeared yesterday.” Max accused, leaning against my locker to block me from having access to it, forcing me to concentrate all my attention on her.

“What?” I say a little distracted, feeling out of it today. Mostly because I knew that was the reason she would come talk to me, but I couldn’t tell her that-

“Never mind. The guys and I were just wondering where you ran off to.” Max says casual, but it didn’t seem like that that was all to it.

“I wasn’t in the mood anymore, sorry to have disappointed you.” I say only halfheartedly, not really up to apologies.

I push her lightly out of the way and open my locker. Max is cool and hot, but no matter how much fun we have hanging with each other, it still doesn’t change the fact that she only wants one thing from me. I almost gave it to her yesterday.

Max, I and a few other guys were still on school grounds when I almost decided to go home with Max, but we were still all complaining about the music in the art blocks that had suddenly gotten louder so I decided to check it out. I was about to complain and give that loser a piece of my mind, until I saw it was Vanessa. I was surprised to see her dancing. More surprised that she was actually good and looked hot while doing it.

Okay, I think any girl that dances like that would look hot. I wouldn’t mind seeing Max dance like that. I shake my head and look at Max who is still standing next to my locker, staring at me. She seems a little pissed off at my attitude. She wouldn’t be the first.

“It’s because of that Vanessa girl isn’t it? I saw you go off with her.” Even though Max looked like she didn’t give a care in the world, I still saw that little spark of jealousy pass through them. But maybe I was just imagining things. It still reminded me of Vanessa and our conversation yesterday about jealousy.

It took me a while until Max’s words dawned on me. “You really don’t think that there is anything between me and Vanessa, do you?” I am shocked that Max out of all people would even think of that.

“It seems a little hard to believe, since she’s someone I never thought you’d go after.” Max says crossing her arms.

I stare at her and couldn’t help but laugh, “Wow. Vanessa is definitely not my type. The only reason I know her at all is because she used to date a loser I used to tease.”

Max was looking past me, “She’s not exactly the prettiest so it doesn’t surprise me, but she’s interesting.”

I turn to see what Max was looking at and my eyes land on Vanessa, talking excitedly with that nerd Lucas again. What does she see in that guy? It looks like he has more chances than I do, which is a problem, since I’m the one who has to intrigue her.

They were moving closer and I can’t afford Vanessa seeing me with Max. She’ll just think the wrong thing again and that’s not helping my plans.

“I have to get to class.” I say as a lame excuse, but at the moment that didn’t matter so I just left Max standing there with a look of disbelief and escaped between the students.

I really have to start approaching Vanessa more. I feel like I’m not making any progress at all.

Matthew’s POV

I watch Alexis from across the cafeteria. She is busy talking to her cheerleader friends with that big smile on her face. As if nothings going on at all. That just made me all the more furious. I love Alexis and miss her, but just because she hates me for a mistake I did, doesn’t mean she had to drag Vanessa into this. All of this affects Vanessa the most between us three. I’ve seen the way students look at her, heard the way they talk about her and she doesn’t deserve any of this. People should be gossiping about me. But just because people have this ideal picture of me, they look for someone else to blame.

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