RMYG :Chapter 3

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The school that is mentioned here does not exist. I just had to think of some random school name, but came up with something that is lacking creativity. But who actrually cares what name the school has? Anyway, I didn't want to offend anyone, that's why I just created a school.



Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter 3

Again, stupid jetlag!

I look at the digital clock on my nightstand. 03:28 am. I groan. The summer holidays are over and school starts today and I still haven’t gotten use to the time zone over the week. It’s 09:29 am in Berlin. I sigh and stand up, sneaking down the stairs and into the kitchen. I pour myself a glass of milk and hop onto the counter, gulping it down.

I sit there for a while. No, I’m not going to worry about tomorrow, because once I start, I won’t stop. But I am curious to how the new school year is going to start.

“You okay?”

I gasp and almost let the glass drop, but I relax when it’s just my dad. “Dad? What are you doing up?”

“Jetlag. I was lying awake in bed for a while; your lucky mother sleeps like a rock.” He says with a grin and I had to giggle at that, “I heard you leaving your room, so I thought I’d join you.”

“Well, I’m jetlagged too, so join the club.” I joke, holding out my arms in mock welcome.

My dad just shakes his head at me in amusement and grabs a bag of cookies from a cabinet, since we finally have food in our house again and it didn’t look that empty anymore.

I have my scrawny body and looks from my parents, because they’re both very thin and have dark hair. But my dad is the only lucky one who has a little more meat on his bones than my mom and I.

My dad joins me on the counter, munching on his cookies while offering me one. I took a few and stuffed them in my mouth.

“Have you talked to Matthew yet? I haven’t seen him around. I thought he’d be the first person to be knocking on our door.” My dad asks, popping another cookie into his mouth.

Oh dad, why? “I’ve talked to him,” I lie, not wanting Matt to look like the asshole if I told my dad the real story. I don’t even know why I’m defending him. “He just didn’t have time to come over.”

My dad nods in understanding, “Let me just warn you so I look like a responsible parent, now that you’re older and are in that stage where you become physically attracted to each other I want no funny business.”

I groan, “Dad, no. Now I know why girls in the movies I watch always over react when their dad talks about ‘intimacy’, it’s just plain weird.” I complain, getting off the counter.

“Where are you going?” My dad asks confused.

“I’m going to leave before we start talking about my whole future.” I say uncomfortably, but mostly just to tease him, “Night dad.”

“Night.” He mutters, but keeps on eating his cookies.


“Is Mackenzie High better than those preppy high schools in Germany or what?” Alexis asks with a grin, seeming to appear out of nowhere.

“Nothing’s changed, except that they gave me another locker.” I answer, gesturing at my new locker. “I have a feeling it’s a bit smaller than my old one, or is it just me?”

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