RMYG: Chapter 19

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Nineteen

“So you and Alexis are friends again?” Luke asks, taking a bite from his homemade sandwich and looks at me expectantly while he chews.

I hesitate, thinking for a second. “Well, I wouldn’t say I forgave her, but we talk more so we’re sort of cool with each other now.”

Luke and I are sitting on the benches outside the cafeteria. Usually they were all occupied, but today we got out of class a little earlier so we were lucky to have one for our self.

I can’t believe its Wednesday already. Those last four days just passed in a blur. The whole school is in football mode, since the game’s this Saturday. Our Mackenzie Tigers against the Thornton Sharks. That is why all of our football players are wearing their game shirts with their lucky number on it and the blue football Jackets with the grey sleeves and the Mackenzie logo on it. A pouncing tiger, looking like it’s about to jump out from behind the capital M, with the name ‘Mackenzie High’ beneath it.

Not only football players were in game mode, but also the cheerleaders, who were all wearing their short blue uniforms with the same logo on their chests, Alexis being one of them. It’s been a tradition in Mackenzie that the players and cheerleaders only wear their uniforms to school a week before the game as good luck.

“Let me guess, that was your doing?” Luke asks me with his eyebrows raised as to say ‘I’m right aren’t I’.

I look down at my already cold potatoes, “I hate keeping a grudge. All of this fighting has affected me a lot and I just want it to stop.”

“But that doesn’t make you feel any better right?” Luke knew he was right, he could sense it by the way I didn’t answer right away.

I sigh, “Not really. But it does make me feel better to know that Alexis forgave me.” I realized I said the wrong thing. Luke didn’t know the whole story. He didn’t know I really did kiss Matthew, he only knew about the rumors and the lies I told him.

“You shouldn’t be getting Alexis forgiveness, she should beg you for yours.” Luke says in disbelieve, looking astounded that I even said that.

“It’s a long story. You wouldn’t understand.” I say, hoping he would leave it at that so we could change the subject.

Luke shook his head in disappointment. But I knew he wasn’t disappointed that I wouldn’t tell him, but disappointed that I gave up so easily.

It’s true, I did give up. Instead of fighting for my own right, I just accept other people’s commands to stop the fight. I’m just not a fighter.

“You know what I’ve realized?” Luke says after a while of silence, looking at me with a little smile.

I look up from my food and at him curiously.

“You’re too nice.” I was about to protest, but he hurriedly continued, “Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s not particularly good either because people will take advantage of you for that.”

“I know, but I don’t really think I’m too nice. Just nice.” I say, trying to defend myself so I don’t look like a complete blind idiot.

He chuckles, “You are too nice. I still remember the first time I met you; you helped me up when no one else would. They were all scared that if they did, those jerks would hold that against them for the rest of their High School years. I just know you forgave Alexis.”

“But if I forgave her, than why am I still so mad? Forgiveness doesn’t feel that way.”

“It’s just the anger you feel afterwards. I mean, I would be mad too if my best friend believed a rumor the school made up.  Your reaction is normal.” He waved off.

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