RMYG: Chapter 39

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Here's the new chap and a little dedication to my beloved Francis <3 Jetzt bekommst du dein bisschen action :D


Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Nine

It’s weird, but this week passed in a blur along with the weekend and the game against the Chelsea Sharks. I don’t know much about football but the way I understood it, there was one last game before the finals so that was really good. This time I didn’t go to any after party which I’m thankful for and the best part was Jason didn’t either, I stayed at his aunt’s and uncle’s house with him that weekend, celebrating on our own. Judy seemed to known about Jason and I, for she would always secretly give this knowing smile when Jason took my hand or stood close to me, which made me wonder if Jason told her or if she just figured so herself. I wasn’t going to ask her myself that’s for sure.

The strangest yet the most amazing thing is, that there was no more holding back between Jason and I since the day he appeared at my house with a bleeding lip. We hadn’t talked much that day but what made it unusual for me was that he had been holding me for such a long time that I had almost had the feeling he wouldn’t let me go if I hadn’t said anything. Since then, touching had become a frequency this whole week. From only brushing my arm or cheek to holding my hand or waist whenever we found the opportunity during school without any watchful eyes. There was no more being shy or scared or worried he wouldn’t want me to.

Like I said, we don’t talk much and I’ve never pegged Jason to be the talkative type from the beginning anyway, but he would lightly tease me then and there or he would give me these glazes that made my heart cry as we just enjoyed each other’s presences in peaceful silence. It had all changed so suddenly that this vulnerability that I hadn’t known or actually hadn’t had the guts to believed existed in Jason still gave me goose bumps and baffled me at his new found gentleness. He had shown this side of him before but it was like he had decided to give into it and part of me had held back too, too scared of being hurt again, now it’s like my mind told me to ‘screw it’ and just let me feel freely. And that’s what I’m doing, I’m acting according to my heart.

I yawn as the credits come on, signaling the end of the movie. I loved it and can’t remember the last time I had watched a Barbie movie. But god was I tired. I lift my head from Jason’s lap and sit upright just to realize that both Isabelle and Jason were fast asleep. It kind of annoyed me since I’ve been fighting with myself for over half the movie to stay awake but here they were dozing off.

Okay, to be fair, Jason is an exception. I felt sorry for making him endure this kind of torture but he was just as responsible of taking care of Isabelle while Andrew and Judy are away just as much as I am.

Little Izzy was curled up in her Disney Princess blanket on the other couch, since she had insisted on hogging all that space by herself. I wasn’t complaining though, Jason made a great pillow. Speaking of Jason, I look at his sleeping form and grin. He looked a little different now that Judy got him to cut his hair that had grown a little too long, but I had begged to not cut it too short, for I wanted it long enough to still be able to run my finger through it. It suited him a lot, I can tell you that.

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