RMYG: Chapter 36

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Six

I wonder what he’s thinking about right now. His next football game? No, too easy. Food? Not relevant right now. Me? I blush at that though and immediately dismiss it. It’s hard to guess what Jason’s thinking about almost all the time. Especially now when he looks so at ease.

I watch his chest rise and fall with every breath he takes before my eyes wander up to his strong jawline, curious to know what the light dark stubbles would feel like under my fingertips. And his lips. I have this stupid urge to just brush them with mine, remembering how soft and firm they had felt the last time. I try not to sigh out loud. My eyes continue wandering up to his nose, to the small crook on the bridge of his nose where he must have broken it once.

His eyelids fluttered lightly making me quickly adjust my gaze to not be caught staring, but his eyes stayed closed, making me continue my little embarrassing inspection of his handsome face. How strange I am, but I just can’t help being fascinated with every little feature, perfect or imperfect, because they are what make him Jason.

The fading freckles on his cheeks, the dark lashes that adorn his dark grey and almost black eyes. His dark hair that would sometimes fall over his forehead if he didn’t push it back with his fingers is starting to develop into fine waves because it had grown since the last time he cut it.

Why does he have to be so painfully pretty, I cry in my head. Jason would kill me if I ever called him pretty out loud.

Come to think of it, I’ve never asked him how he got that little scar on his forehead. It had always been on my mind but I’ve never had the courage to actually ask him. Most probably from a fight or a-

“How often do I actually have to catch you staring until you not make it as obvious next time?”

I quickly sit up and could have sworn my heart almost leaped out of my chest right then and there as I imagine myself quickly catching it before it could land on the big gym matt we were lying on. I look at him to see he had opened his eyes and was watching me with amusement.

I couldn’t help the annoyance creeping into my voice as I crossed my arms and said, “Oh, sue me.” I glare at my lap, while fighting the warmth engulfing my entire face.

My words actually made Jason lean is head back into the matt and close his eyes as he laughed and my gaze immediately went to him at the rare and heartwarming sound. Of course my gaze softened when I saw that genuine smile on his face as he calmed down and looked at me.

He sat up so that we are on the same eyelevel as he leans his forehead against mine, “I could just feast on your reactions every day because they’re so honest.” He says looking down at his fingertips grasping the tip of my braid that was dangling over my shoulder between our bodies.

I forgot to answer as I watch his fingers in fascination, being able to just feel the heat radiating from his body made me forget why I was so annoyed in the first place. If I just lean in a little bit further, I’d be able to just kiss him like I’ve been fantasizing a few minutes ago.

Is this what it felt like again to fall for someone? I can’t really remember because I’ve never really fallen for anyone other than Matthew. But this feeling, by just sitting this close to him makes me so aware of every little movement. Inside and outside of my body. I constantly want contact, even if it’s just him touching my hair or even brushing my skin with his. It makes me wonder if this is even healthy because I don’t even want to get started on my heart. How do people survive this without getting a heart-attack?

“How do I not make it obvious?” I ask to distract myself from my wandering thoughts, because I’d be damned if I fell too deep into my desires.

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