RMYG: Chapter 15

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Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Fifteen

"I can't believe that people have no life of their own and have to entertain themselves with others." Luke was saying when we were headed to history together.

"It sickens me too." And I meant that, even if I didn't tell Luke the whole truth.

A lot of people knew about my little fit against Matthew yesterday. Some think I have been trying to pull all of that attention I got yesterday towards me on purpose. Others think I've gone mental and am PMSing. Most people even think that Matthew had an affair with me while he was with Alexis and than when he broke up with me, I apparently couldn't deal with the rejection from a 'god' like him.

Luke was right, just because everyone else doesn't have a life, doesn't mean they have to mess with mine. Luke doesn't know that Matthew and I have been dating before and that he cheated on me. Nor the fact that Matthew and I know each other at all. Yeah, I kind of twisted the whole story a bit. Okay, a lot.

I told Luke that apparently, people saw Matthew and I talking while he was asking me to copy my homework, so they thought Matthew was secretly dating me and Alexis found out and that's the reason they broke up. I have been telling that to everyone who dared or bothered to ask. Of course they didn't buy it and if, they didn't take it seriously because that wasn't any juicy gossip or interesting story.

This whole thing has taken a twist, since exactly the opposite happened of what people think. Matthew and Alexis were the ones that had an affair. But it's like the old Matthew never existed to everyone else. I bet I'm the only person that actually misses him.

"Don't worry. People are just being ridiculous." Luke says putting an affectionate arm around my shoulder, giving me a comforting grin.

I give him an appreciative smile. He's the first person I've met that thinks just like me. Usually when I'm with Alexis, I'd be the one to see the poplars' immature behavior. I get it that Alexis is not the best person to talk about these things with since she's one of them, but it's not like I could talk with Matthew about them either. Not even before he changed his appearance.

Matthew was the kind of person that couldn't state his own opinion. He is always unsure about any decision he makes. Except when he decided to change, that decision surprised me. He has really thought everything through, minus the part where I come back. But it still looks like he's wavering a bit. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know what to expect from Matthew anymore.

I'm glad that I at least have Luke to believe me.

"But I still wouldn't blame you if you tried to make a run for it before my reputation effects you." Even though I sounded sarcastic, I still felt a little scared to show my face.

I know I shouldn't care about what other people thought about me, but for some reason I still do, even if it's just a little. Gossip about you isn't something you can just shake off.

"My reputation? That's what you're worried about?" He asked, looking down at me in curious disbelieve.

I just stared at him and shrugged my shoulders as if to say 'I guess so'.

Luke just laughs, "Well that's not necessary. I ruin my reputation all on my own."

I snort in amusement, "Wow I thought you were going to give me some lecture, but those were wise words of wisdom, my friend. But they did make me feel better." I admit, smiling at him teasingly.

He lightly squeezed my shoulders, "Than smack talking about myself is worth the while."

I couldn't help but find that cute of him, but my smile was washed off my face just as we rounded the corner and almost ran into Matthew, who was busy talking to that Julian and some black haired guy I don't recognize.

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