RMYG: Chapter 13

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirteen

“May I ask what Jason was doing at your house?” Max asks curiously, following me down the hallway like a lost puppy.

I felt like such a rock when I woke up this morning and now it’s dragging on slowly. So far I’ve only got fourth period behind me.

I frown, “How do you know he was at my house?” I ask puzzled, wondering if not maybe the whole school knows.

 When it comes to Jason, gossip travels fast.

“He told me, but you just proved that he wasn’t lying. I thought he’s just telling everyone so they think he got laid or something.” Max says breezily, glaring at a girl that stood in our way, making her flinch and jump to the side.

I started feeling bad for the girl, but that feeling was quickly overwhelmed by a wave of panic, “He told everyone? Now everyone thinks I slept with Jason?” I ask, my voice almost rising to a squeak.

Some students stare at me strangely, but for once I didn’t look down at the floor in embarrassment because I was too shocked to care right now.

I don’t want people to think that I shagged the schools badass! I’d look like the latest desperate twat. I still have my pride and I don’t want it to disappear just because of some idiotic rumor!

Max just starts laughing at my expression, “Don’t worry, he only told me. Keep your pants on would ya. Why would you actually care if people really thought you slept with him? Do you know how many girls wish they could knock on that door for the opportunity to have sex with Jason Conroy? Me being one of them.” Max says with a huge grin, nodding her head for whatever reason I do not want to know.

“You serious?” I thought she only saw Jason as a close friend.

“Yeah. Come on, admit it, he’s hot and I bet he’s wild too.”

I stare at her, amazed. That was a little too much information for my virgin ears.“I guess he is, but the thing is I’m not interested because-”

Max nods her head in mock sympathy, “Aha, because of your ex.”

I nod. Max didn’t get it either. It’s hard getting over something you’ve lost.

“So will you tell me?” She persisted, staring at me expectantly changing the subject back to Jason.

“What is if I say no?” I ask slowly, sounding unsure.

Max shrugs, “Than I’ll just ask again.” She answers simply, grinning at my annoyed expression.

I sigh and open my mouth to start, but am interrupted when Max’s eyes go wide “There he is!” she yells, people turning their heads to her, but she was already sprinting down the hallway.

I follow her with my eyes and see Max running up to Jason before jumping at him. I thought she was about to body-slam him, but Jason caught her easily in the last minute.

My mouth literally fell to the ground when Max’s long legs wrapped around Jason’s waist and they started making out right in the middle of the hallway.

I blink a few times. Since when are they dating?

Now that I think about it, Max did look a bit slutty, but in that gothic sense, because her layered mini skirt almost revealed her butt.

Since when have I become so judgmental? I’m starting to hate myself. Max is just very different than I am. I have the tendency to befriend people that are mostly the opposite of me. Take Alexis for example.

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