RMYG: Chapter 20

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twenty

No way am I suicidal, but life did suck pretty badly right now.

After walking away from Jason I went to my last few classes of the day before heading straight home and fell into bed.

Jason is such an ass. I knew that before, but I guess I was naïve and thought he might be a little different around me. Sometimes I think I’m a little too special when it comes to things like this. But Jason isn’t a complete ass, he has his nice sides. You just had to stick around long enough to experience them.

That’s the problem. Jason could make you feel like you were important, no matter if you had feelings for him or not. I guess that’s how he got girls wrapped around his finger. I bet it has to do with his popularity. I shake my head and lean my chin on my pillow and look at the wall.

I still have to do the presentation with him and its due Friday. There is no way I’m going to meet up with him after the way he talked to me.

Was what he said to me true? That thought had been bothering me all way home.

Maybe he knew me a little better than I gave him credit for. Wouldn’t be the first time, people can read me easily. I’m just too predictable. In other words, boring.

I sigh and get up. I should stop moping and not let all of this crap in my life keep me from doing my school work. I seriously did not just say that. At least it would give me something else to think about.

Grabbing my laptop, I snuggled into my bed and started working on our presentation. Opening the files we saved all the information on and began.

Therefore that I’m doing most of the paper work, I can try to get Jason to do the presenting. I don’t do well in front of crowds. I seem to have phobias about everything. I’m a hopeless case.

I worked for about and hour and a half before deciding to go downstairs and join my mother in her dark room. It was one of the coolest rooms in the house, but mom never lets me go in there alone because she’s very protective about her photographs she keeps there I’m not a little kid anymore but she only lets me enter when she is in there as well and even then I have to keep a save distance.

But today I wasn’t interested in what she was doing there because I just really wanted to talk to someone. Anything, just something that would distract my mind.


“Are you coming to the football game this Saturday to watch me cheer?” Alexis asks me the next day as she ran across me in the halls and started following me.

I shift the weight of the books I am holding to get a better grip before answering, “I can’t. My dad has an important guest coming over that night and I have to be there.”I explain halfheartedly, making it sound more like an excuse than an explanation, but that wasn’t my intention. I just couldn’t really talk to Alexis right now, or anyone in this case who made me feel this crappy.  

Alexis face turned from cheerful to disappointed. “Come on, you’ve never watched me cheer before, except for practice but that’s different. Please come.”

I try not to show how annoyed I am right now, “I’ll try.” I wasn’t annoyed at Alexis. Actually I am, but not because she wanted me to watch her cheer, I’m just annoyed at everything.


Alexis does that weird jumping up and down thing while smiling brightly at me. Good thing she didn’t add the clapping. It made me giggle a little at her foolishness, since it’s mostly cheerleaders out of movies that do that sort of thing.

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