RMYG: Chapter 38

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Jason’s POV

Romero wants to talk? Pft, well that’s new. I pull up the sipper of my hoodie and cover my wet hair with the hood before grabbing my gym bag and slinging it over my shoulder. This was ought to get interesting. Good thing I didn’t have to drive Vanessa home today. She was still mad. It seemed like I really messed up this time because Vanessa usually never gets mad, or rather for such a long period of time. The week’s almost over and while she’s been very slowly but surely distancing herself from me, she and Romero have been growing closer. As much as it pained for me to admit, it doesn’t just bother me as it usually would when Vanessa talked to the guy but it actually hurt. While she was pissed at me, she was getting chummy with him. What an outcome. Vanessa must have run to him after our argument.

Romero was waiting for me in the hallway as I left the locker room.

“What do you want?” I ask in a peeved off tone, not at all in the mood to hear what this idiot had to say. I just knew what or rather who this conversation was about. He most probably came to gloat. How embarrassing.

A little grin made its way on his face. Though it didn’t seem as triumphant as I’d imagine it’d be, it held a little bitterness to it.  “I bet you know what I want.”

I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of telling him what he wanted to hear. “If I would have known then I wouldn’t have asked now would I? So please,” I say in an over exaggerated sarcastic tone and gave him a mocking cheeky smile, “enlighten me.” I finish. If he thought he could get a wimpy reaction out of me, then he was seriously mistaken.

“Still being a difficult prick I see.” Romero muttered to himself, but purposely loud enough for me to hear. I grin and he continued. “I don’t know what you’re playing at or what you plan to achieve and I guess I’m grateful that things between you and Vanessa are critical right now-”

I feel my hands clench at my sides, “Get to the fucking point Romero.” I growl in irritation, hating the fact that this ass was just too similar to Vanessa when it came to getting off topic. I just knew he was rubbing it in my face.

“Getting a little riled up now are we?” he retorted.

“You’re enjoying this a little too much.” My warning tone fell on death ears at that smile he wore, but it still didn’t seem victorious, which irked me because that would at least give me clarity.

“I can’t really enjoy anything knowing that whatever happened between you two is hurting her right now.”

That got my full attention. “What do you mean? What’s wrong with Vanessa?”

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