Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

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Hey, if you read this please at least read until the third chapter before you decide if it's good or not, since the first chapter has a lot of discription and still has to get into the story. I'm very unsure with this story. Enjoy.


Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

Chapter One

Three Years ago...

"So this is really happening? You're leaving tomorrow."

I sigh and close my locker, turning to my best friend Alexis. "I really didn't want to be reminded, Ally. Those were the first twenty minutes where I wasn't haunted by the thought of moving."

Alexis Quinn. The kind of girl every guy wants to date. That's where she got her nickname 'Sexy-Lexi' from. Compared to her, I look like Cinderella...before the Bibidi-babidi-bo.

She has always been a whole lot taller than me with a perfect figure while I'm the really skinny midget that walks in her shadow. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm jealous, I love Alexis as much as any of my blood relatives. But sometimes it get's to me, the way her hair always seems to fall perfectly over her shoulders in and amazing shade of blond, between the color of honey and perfectly harvested wheat that match her baby-blue eyes as if the Lord intended to make her a goddess.

I, Vanessa Pierce, on the other hand, have dark brown hair that can never make up its mind. Should I be straight today? Or wavy? I tell you; sometimes I think my hair has a mind of its own. Did I mention that my eyes are brown too? Yup, boring alright.

"I don't want you to move! I've know you since second grade! I don't even get to spend your fifteenth birthday with you! Who else can I trust as good as you?" Being the drama queen Alexis is she starts pouting with her heart shaped lips that she has glossed to perfection a minute ago.

I roll my eyes but smile at her, "You've got Matty. I need someone to take care of him while I'm gone and you're the only one I trust to keep him warm at night."

"Ew! No offence, since he's your boyfriend and all, but I would never go out with him." Alexis scrunches up her nose in disgust.

"Who said anything about going out with him? Matthew and I have decided to try out in having a long distance relationship." I announce proudly with a bright smile.

Alexis shakes her head at me in disagreement, "You know that most long distance relationships don't work out, right?" she ask doubtful.

"That's if you're not committed to it but I am and so is Matt." I say confidently. I am going to prove Alexis wrong, because Matt and I have a really strong relationship and I know more about commitment than Alexi ever will.

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