RMYG: Chapter 29

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 Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twenty-Nine

 Matthew’s POV

“What are you planning on doing now?” Julian questioned, after taking a sip from his drink. “I mean you’re obviously still into Alexis even though you just broke up with her.” I was about to answer but apparently Julian wasn’t done, “Which I don’t get, since she practically would do anything you ask of her-” I try to speak again because it seemed like this was turning into an accusation but Julian still went on, “-who in his right mind breaks up with Alexis Quinn? That’s like admitting you’re homosexual-“Okay, now I had enough.

“Dude! I’m not gay just because I broke up with Alexis.” I exclaim to finally shut up his rambling. It worked. “I broke up with her cause things are a mess right now.”

It’s been more than two weeks that I’ve broken up with Alexis. I’ve spent those weeks concentrating on school and football. Almost on anything that kept my mind busy.

To bad it didn’t do much. Try walking down the schools hallways without seeing either one of your exes.

The horrible part is, Vanessa seems to be doing great. She keeps hanging around with that loser Lucas or whatever his name is and that’s not even the worst part! As if I don’t notice the stares she and Jason share if it’s either in the hallways or during practice. Nobody else does but I sure as hell do.

I just know Jason is planning something and I’ll make sure to find out what.   

Jason doesn’t do the friendly act if he doesn’t want anything out of it in return. I won’t let him mess with Vanessa and walk all over her when he’s done.

Finally it’s my turn to protect Vanessa after she’s done it for me over so many years. And I’m starting by figuring out that bastards motives.

I know that he’s doing this partly to piss me off but he also has other intentions.

“Okay, I get that. But what now?” Julian speaks up again, my mind focusing back on him.

I thought about that for a short while. “Getting Vanessa to trust me again. Hopefully get her to have a conversation with me.” I say, staring at the videogame controller in my hand.

“Huh?” I can imagine Julian’s look of confusion on his face, “I thought this is about Alexis.”

“For once, it’s not.” I state dryly, somewhat feeling smug and good about my answer.

Alexis would just have do deal with the idea that the world didn’t always do her favours.

“Vanessa? The short, brunette chick you introduced me to once at school?”

I nod annoyed, “I told you about her, you idiot. She’s my childhood friend who moved.”

“I figured that much, I just wasn’t sure what her name was, is all.” Julian explained, leaning back in his chair with a shrug. “I still don’t get why you had to break up with Alexis.” He mutters.

I sigh, getting kind of irritated. Everybody only seems to judge Alexis by her outer appearance and now I seem like the bad guy.

“I had to break up with Alexis to show Vanessa that I’m not screwing with her emotions anymore. How will I get her to open up to me again when I’m dating her best friend who I’ve cheated on her with.”

Julian leans forward again and looks at me with a serious look on his face, making me kind of uncomfortable. “That, Matthew, is some fucked up shit you got yourself into.”

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