RMYG: Chapter 12

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Yay! This is one of my favorite chapters! I hope I don't keep you guys waiting for toooo long....


Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twelve

"Ness!" My mom's voice calls from downstairs.

I pulled the blanket from over my head in annoyance. Why can't the world just leave me alone? I really didn't have a good day. I never knew a person could actually feel the way I do now. Everything between Matthew, Alexis and I today just happened so fast.

The worst part is that no one understood, since I don't have anyone to talk about my problems. Alexis is out of the question since she's one of the reasons for my problems and my parents have no clue. I don't understand why I couldn't tell them anything, mostly because they know Matthew's parents and I don't want to ruin my mom's deep friendship with Hailey. I don't want them to end up like Alexis and I, since my mom knew Hailey longer than I knew Alexis.

I drag myself out of bed and mope down the stairs, down the hallway that is to my left and into the living room where my mom is busy watering plants. She didn't seem to have noticed me.

"You called?" I ask, feeling kind of exhausted, but that's mostly because I was trying to fall asleep to just not think for a while, but sleep wouldn't come.

My mom turns her head to look at me, "What's with the attitude?" She asks worriedly, most probably because she thought I was catching a fever again. Yes, that was my excuse the night when the Romero's were here.

I sigh and rub my eye, "I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep lately." I lie, looking back at my mom who has already turned her attention back to the stupid plants.

"Maybe this will wake you; I need you to buy some groceries for dinner tonight please." She says not turning to look at me as she parted the flowers in a vase to give them space.

Where did her sympathy go? "Fine. I'll get dressed." I mutter. I really should learn to say no, but this actually the least I could do for everything she has done to me in the past.

I drag my feet up the stairs again and enter my room, yanking on a pair of white shorts and flip-flops. I wasn't in the mood to change my shirt that had a sitting teddy bear holding a heart on it.

I just braided my messy hair before leaving my room again and into the hallway. Instead of heading down the stairs that were just in front of my room door to the left, I went to the right and looked out of the window that looks out to our front yard.

Just on our street is a silver car I've never seen before. I knew I thought I heard something. I hurried down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Did mom expect someone? It can't be dad, since he always works until either five or six in the afternoon.

"The list is on the counter, along with the necessary money you'll need." My mom informs me, her voice still coming from the living room as she heard me come down the stairs.

I was still at the bottom of the stairs, "Okay!" I call back and quickly get the list and money.

I was about to open my mouth about the unknown guest when someone knocked on the front door. "I got it." I say before walking to the door and open it.

I come face to face with Jason. He stood tall in his dark jeans and navy blue sweater with its sleeves pushed up. By the looks of it he just had a shower, his hair still wet, making it look black. A pair of sunglasses covered his dark grey eyes.

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