RMYG: Chapter 27

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?!

Chapter Twenty-Seven

“I’m hooouuummm….” My voice lowers the moment my eyes land on my mom, who has apparently been awaiting my arrival. “ ‘sup mom?” I ask trying to smile cheerfully even though her calm nonchalant look was seriously creeping me out.

“Hey, darling. How was your stay at Alexis’s house?” My mom asks casually, giving me that sweet curious look that mothers give you when they’re exited to know how if your sleepover went well…but my mom’s expression was a little bit off.

Okay, don’t panic. She just asked you a simply normal question. All moms asks those. Stop freaking out! Holy shit, I’m suffocating.

Good thing Judy borrowed me some of her clothes. But it looks like I’m drowning in them.

I shrug as if I don’t have a care in the world but on the inside my heart is beating frantically, “Kind of weird since it’s been a long time.”

To not seem suspicious, I walk into the kitchen and pull out a glass to pour myself some water, dropping the bag with Alexis dress in it next to a chair. Of course my mom follows and leans against a counter, crossing her arms, her smile still intact.

“How come? I would have thought that things between you two would just go on from where they left off.” She concludes, her eyebrows scrunching very slightly in confusion.

Dammit! I just deepened the whole to my grave. Think, think!

“They did.” I pause for a second, taking a sip of my water as an excuse not to talk, “There was just a lot of arguing between Alexis and her mom which made it awkward.” I try to string out of the haze of my still slightly aching head.

My mom seems to nod in understanding and I sigh mentally.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I place my empty glass into the sink and make a break for the hallway before she can ask me any more questions.

“The next time Jason is kind enough to drive you home, the least you could do is invite him in from time to time.”

My mom’s words made me stop dead just at the doorway.

Great. Not even an Oscar winner could act his way out of this. My whole attempt at trying to hide the fact that I wasn’t at Alexis’s was useless since my mom knew from the beginning.

“You were peeking through the kitchen window, weren’t you?” I ask dumbfounded, my only rational thought was seeming to be shocked about the fact that my mom gave me no privacy.

Now it was my mom’s turn to be shocked but she composed herself and looked offended, “Hello? I’m your mother! I was worried about you the moment Alexis showed up here this morning and I had to find out that you didn’t go home with her last night!”

Alexis was here? That really pisses me off!

“What? Where is she now?” I ask, so many thoughts running through my exhausted brain.

First she drags me to that party I didn’t even want to go to, then she ditches me and now she told on me?

“Don’t give me that look.” My mom says sternly, “She was worried about you. She thought you were home. The poor girl looked like she’d been crying! You never even made plans to stay at her house in the first place have you?”

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