RMYG: Chapter 17

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Seventeen

I stumble to the door, just as the person knocked for most probably the hundredth time.

Someone is impatient.

The constant knocking bothered me more than usual because my parents are out, so I had to loosen my grip on my pillow I was cuddling with and tumble out of bed, landing in a heap of blankets and pillows on the floor, leaving only me in the house to answer the door even though I was fast asleep.

Stumbling blindly down the stairs while I’m still dozing, I yank the front door open while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, trying to blink away the harsh brightness.

I squint and force my aching eyes to open, expecting mom or dad.

All the sleepiness and fogginess disappeared feeling like again someone has thrown a bucket of ice cold water at me, because again Jason stood at the door in all his good looking glory, grinning at me with teasing amusement.

And what do I look like? My eyes travel down to myself. Like a dork.

I have stupid animated jumping cows on my pajama pants! I had bought them before I went to Germany because I thought they were cute. I didn’t get much taller or bigger during the time I was there so they still fit perfectly. But I actually still think they were cute, just not in front of Jason.

With those cow pajama pants I am wearing a baggy t-shirt that had a little fat devil munching on a cookie with the predictable words ‘Come to the dark side…we have cookies!’.

Not to mention, my hair must be totally humiliating. And trust me; I do not fit with the bed head look like any other girl would. When I have bed head, I look like a badly un-groomed hobo!    

“W-what are you doing here?” I ask in pure horror, my eyes must look like they’re bulging out of their sockets at my obvious surprise.

“Good morning to you too. Aren’t you going to let me in? Your mom was right when she said you have no manners.” Jason says shaking his head in mock disapproval but his dark grey eyes held only amusement.

I gape at him, but step aside. My brain feels like it’s been fried and has no connection to my body anymore. Jason walks passed me and into the house, me closing the door behind us. He automatically went into the kitchen as if he’d been her more than enough times.

Before I follow him into the kitchen, I quickly steal a look at myself in the mirror. It’s worse than I thought! My curls are sticking out in every direction. Now that Jason is here my hair decides to be curly and difficult! No surprise there.

I quickly try to flatten and run my finger through them, only making me wince in pain. It did help a little. At the end I gave up and just threw them over my right shoulder, brushing my bangs behind my ear. I cross my arms over my chest because I wasn’t wearing a bra yet and went into the kitchen.

Jason is leaning against one of the counters, waiting for me. He looks up when I enter, making me feel a whole lot more self-conscious than I already do. I lean against the counter with the sink that’s just opposite him.

He looked good as always. Wearing simple dark jeans, a dark grey long sleeved shirt and a jacket draped over his arm. His hair gave you the imitation that he didn’t give a damn about it, but it made me jealous because it still looks really good.

“I’m sorry if I seem rude, but what are you doing here at…” I look up at the clock that is shaped like a red teapot and is hanging over the kitchen door before back at him “Nine in the morning on a Saturday?”

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