RMYG: Chapter 14

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Fourteen

Lunch with Luke was funny, mostly because we were goofing around or telling each other weird stories about our families.

But it was hard not to mention Matthew since he's in literally ALL my childhood memories. I'm just so furiouse with him that I acted imature and am pretending he doesn't exist. So instead of admiting that Matthew's the hero in my stories, I don't mention his name at all to Luke.

I only found out today that Luke and I actually have Chemistry and History together. Matthew is also in my Chemistry class, but we don’t talk much at all.

When lunch was over, I sadly have Math’s and he PE. I felt bad for him since he said he was a total disaster when it comes to sports. I wish I were there to watch him.

Again as I entered the class, I got strange looks from most students. What is their case? I look down at myself to just make sure I didn’t maybe spill something on me during lunch, but my black jean and long sleeved blue top are totally fine. I just ignore them and head to my seat next to Amy.

“Hey, Amy.” I greet her when I got to our table.

I hate Math like it’s a pest. Okay, mostly I hate it because I’m not particularly good at it, but there are thousands of people who agree with me.

Amy gave me a smile in return, “Hey!” she greets just as I dropped my bag next to my chair, “Is it true what people say about you?”

Huh? I stare at her for a while, but sit down slowly. Are people talking about me?

“What are they saying?” I ask, uncertain. Do I really want to know the answer?

She didn’t look so sure herself, “Something about you being the reason that Alexis Quinn and Matthew Romero broke up.”

The moment the words left her mouth, did I have the feeling that a strong hand was squeezing my heart painfully. 

“It’s sad actually, since they’ve been together for almost two years and that is almost the longest relationship that has happened between the populars’. But I don’t really believe that story that it was your fault.” Amy was talking on.

Her words affected me badly, since that just proved for how long they have been going behind my back.

“Are you okay? You look kind of green.” Amy asks, leaning closer in concern.

“So you’re not denying that it’s you fault? You really did fool around with Matthew?” The girls who are sitting in front of us turn around. I recognize them as some of Alexis’s friends.

Oh god this is a nightmare. I couldn’t speak. How did they find out? Alexis wouldn’t have told them.  Would she?

“I was dating Matthew before Alexis did.” I say helplessly, even though that came out wrong. It just made me sound like a pathetic ex.

“Doesn’t give you the right to ruin their relationship just because you can’t get over the fact that it’s over between you and him.” The girl with the long bleach blond hair accuses.

That was harsh. She knew nothing. How immature her words sounded to me, if they just didn’t affect me as much as they did.

“This is not fair towards her.” Amy came to my defense, but there was no prove that the blond’s words weren’t true.

“How would you feel if your boyfriend cheated on you? And than with someone who has lower standards.”  The blond threw back at Amy, who fell silent.

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