RMYG: Chapter 10

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Ten


“Hey! V! I saved a spot for you!” Max yells from across the classroom just as I entered. She was patting the seat next to her.

I gave her a smile and dropped my backpack on the floor before sitting down next to Max.

“Let me guess, this is your first time?” Max’s elbow is on the table, leaning her head against her hand and staring at me with a grin.

Even though I wanted to lie, I just nod my head.

“Oh my god we have a newbie!” Max exclaims, jerking her head upright with big eyes. This was like a bad comedy movie.

Everyone stared at us, making me lower my head, “Shut up! Keep your voice down.” I hiss at her, making her chuckle.

“What’s the big deal-“ Max was about to say when her attention turned back to the door, “Jason! Holy shit, you’re back! I thought you were turning soft on me when I didn’t see you here in a while!”     

I turn my head and see Jason walking towards us, but I quickly look away again, my cheeks turning red at the memory from earlier this morning.

“Never. But maybe if you’d show up once in a while you’d see that I’m here more often than you think.” Jason answers, dropping his own backpack on the floor before Max stands up.

I look at her sideways, just as she hugged Jason, her back to me, Jason looking at me from over Max’s shoulder. I turn my gaze away from them wishing the teacher would finally come.

“What happened to your face?” Max accuses as they pull apart, her looking up at him with a ouch-that’s-gotta-hurt expression.

Jason shrugs, “He looks worse than I do.” He says, referring to the guy who must have hit him.

I kind of knew it. That made my sympathetic feeling from earlier go away and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes.

Max giggles, “How did you get in here this time? Don’t tell me they caught you smoking again, because that would be really lame.” 

“It get’s worse. I broke a broom.” Jason says in a bored tone before plopping onto a chair.

Max looks disappointed, “Seriously? Or are you joking?”

“Apparently I get punished for breaking school property.” Jason says annoyed, crossing his arms and stretching his long legs under the table.

“Idiots.” Max simply says.

I agree. But why would Jason break a broom? And even get caught doing it?

“That’s not it. The seniors were busy writing exams and when the teacher heard me in the halls, he came out. So I’m in detention for breaking property,” Jason holds up one finger, “And disturbing during exams.” He holds up the second finger before dropping his hand again. “Coach is going to kill me for showing up late for practice today.”

I was surprised to hear Jason’s voice actually sound somewhat worried. But maybe I just misinterpreted that since I am a little worried myself about being late for Track.

Max chuckled, “Your fault for being so loud.” She said just as the teacher walked in so she took her seat next to me again.

Mr. Howard wasn’t kidding when he said ‘I’ll see you in detention.’ He was the teacher to keep us in check. Oh boy.

Twenty minutes later…

I stare out the window but my eyes weren’t really focusing on anything as my mind was slowly shutting down on me. Detention is so boring! I’m already done with the essay we were supposed to write as punishment.

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