RMYG: Chapter 26

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twenty-Six

“Close the window, this stupid wind is giving me a headache.” Jason complained in an irritated tone, pulling a pair of sunglasses out of the hollow part of the dashboard and slipped them on. “Fucking sun. Especially today it had to be such a bright day.”

I don’t even make a move to close the window, since I barely heard him because of my head sticking halfway out of the window to get a good look at my eyes on the side mirrors. I am trying desperately to fix my smudged make up by licking my finger and rubbing it along my eye. Gross, I know but I had no other choice. It’s not like Jason would by any chance have some make up remover in his glove compartment.

“Don’t you think it’s bothering me too? I bet I even have a bigger hangover than you do. If it weren’t for the wind, I’d be throwing up right now.” I retort just as hotly, irritated as well that Jason was once again only thinking of himself. Figures.

“If it bothers you then sit back in the car and close it a few inches.”

I groan and sit back on my seat, closing the window enough for still enough air to come through. I buckle up again and cross my arms. “Where are you taking me anyway?” I mutter, staring out of the window, since it helps me from concentrating on not throwing up.

“Not your house.”

“Thank you. That answered my question.” I mumble sarcastically, slipping deeper into my seat and tightened my crossed arms.

“It wasn’t my intention to.” Jason said as he slowed the car because there was a red light ahead.

I throw a quick glance at him and then avert my eyes back to my knees. Jason’s especially nice to me today isn’t he? But even when he doesn’t have a hangover he treats me this way so I should be used to it.

I close my eyes and send a small prayer with my thoughts, Oh please Lord forgive me for I’ve sinned.  

Not really original but that prayer was mostly to make myself feel better since I feel ashamed for drinking so irresponsibly and not even remembering what I did last night. I mean anything could have happened. 

“Are you sleeping?” Jason’s voice brought me back to the present and my eyes snapped open. We’ve stopped at the red light.

I look at Jason who was staring back at me but when he saw I was awake he grinned because my expression must look stupid right now.

“Guess not. What were you doing mumbling to yourself?” He asks mockingly, as if I were some little idiot who talks to himself. Which I most probably am.

“I sent a prayer cause I’ve sinned.” I say in a hurried tone but try to sound annoyed at him because I strangely felt embarrassed to tell him that even though there is nothing embarrassing about it.

“Are your parents strict Christians or something?” Jason asks, not seeming to believe his own question as he shifted gears and brought the car to move again because the lights have turned green again.

“No, I just like to pray because- never mind, it doesn’t matter. Let’s please change the subject.” There is no way I’m discussing my beliefs with Jason. Does he even believe in anything?

“No need, we’re here.” Jason announced and stopped the car, unbuckling his seat belt before getting out of the car and removing his sunglasses.

I do the same -except for the sunglasses part since I don’t have any, duh-  and get out of the car, “And where is here?” I ask as I follow Jason up a pathway to a regular cozy looking home. It had a slight Victorian style to it, giving it a little more flare than a normal looking house.

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