RMYG: Chapter 34

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Remember Me...Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Four

Jason's POV

Vanessa's acting kind of strange. I avert my eyes from the road to throw a peek at Vanessa. She was busy texting someone on her phone, which has been going on since the moment we got into the car. I look back at the road and sigh, sort of hoping Vanessa would notice that I was still here and that she should stop with that stupid texting.

Of course she was oblivious to that too and was frowning at her phone, apparently pondering over the reply she got from whoever she was goddamn texting. It's really getting on my nerves right now. We should have stayed at my house to fool around a little more but no, we're here to get stupid flap-jacks.

Okay, we're here to get awesome flap-jacks but I'd still rather be home, since for once my dad wasn't there to ruin everything.

"Sorry 'bout that." Vanessa says and takes one last look at her phone before stuffing it into her coat pocket.

"Who the hell was that?" I ask, trying to keep my annoyance for that person at bay. Hopefully it wasn't that dickhead Romero, cause that would just piss me off.

Vanessa stared at me a little stunned but quickly snapped out of it, "It was Alexis."

I stare at her a little critical. No, I did not miss the hesitation in her tone and no, I did not imagine it. "You guys all buddy-buddy again?"

I'm being an ass but I'm just too irritated to care. I just know it was Romero, I could see it in her face expression.

"None of your business." She answers and crosses her arms, but her tone sounded a little off.

"What's that supposed to mean? I can ask, can't I?" I couldn't keep the irk in my tone away this time cause her answer just pissed me off more. I really have to pull myself together so I wouldn't spit out Romero's name, because that would just ruin both our moods.

"Can we just not talk about this right now? It's your birthday and you're already worked up as it is." Vanessa, always being the reasonable one, tried to drop the uncomfortable subject.

I take a breath to calm myself. As much as I felt like a little kid at Vanessa words, I try to keep myself under control because starting an argument about something this stupid would just be pointless and wouldn't benefit us at all. I really should learn to keep my act together and not blow up about every little thing just because it doesn't fit well with me.

"I'm not worked up." I mutter in finality because I just couldn't keep myself from not saying it.

"You always want to have the last word don't you?" Vanessa muses, shaking her head at me with a genuine smile.

"I don't want to, I just do." I say smugly, my mood easing up a little now that we changed the topic. I glance at Vanessa to see her staring ahead smiling to herself. Strange girl. My typical comment didn't make her snort or huff in annoyance like any other girl would. I look back to the road. "Why are you smiling?" I'm curious and a little suspicious.

I see her shrug from the corner of my eye, "Because you're being your typical self."

I stop at a red light and stare at Vanessa in amusement, "And that makes you smile? You making fun of me?"

Vanessa didn't look at me as she said, "No, the opposite. It always makes me feel at ease when you make a comment like that."

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a little stunned. Is she serious? "I hope you don't regret saying that." I quickly add so it doesn't seem like I was hesitating for too long.

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