RMYG: Chapter 28

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?!

Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Did you hear what happened between Alexis and Matthew?”

I stop short from opening my stall door. They had made it to the girls’ restroom a minute after I had arrived but instead of using the toilet like a normal person who goes to the restroom, they start their daily routine in front of the mirror.

How many times have I heard the latest scandal coming from their mouths? It’s like they know everything that goes on around here or maybe it’s always a different group each day. But it’s like listening to the news on a radio.

Usually I’d walk out, wash my hands and ignore their babble and walk out, but this interested me even though I could never be a 100 percent sure if it’s true or not.

Another voice answered, “Yeah, apparently they broke up. Right?”

“Well, they did have a bit of a quarrel a while ago but at the party they were all over each other. Maybe they’re just taking another break.”

“But that quarrel apparently happened because of that girl. Wait, what was her name?”

There was a short confused silence before the same girl said, “You know, the short one with the brown hair? She hangs out with that guy who had to wear the mascot costume.”

They stalk me?

“I know who you’re talking about but I can’t think of a name. It’s not really a name worth knowing so I don’t bother.” A third voice answers to my annoyance.

“It doesn’t matter.” The other voice stated firmly, “What confuses me is why they would break up over her.”

“It’s not specified if they broke up because of her.”

“Yeah, it would be kind of hard to believe.”

They seriously have no clue about my and Matthew’s history together? It’s like Matthew was a new student here while I was gone in Germany. It’s like the Matthew I knew never existed here to everyone else. And the insults they’re throwing my way.

But the thought of Matthew and Alexis breaking up gave me a strange giddy feeling. When did this happen? Are they okay? Maybe this giddy feeling is bad but it makes me feel better about something. The only thing that doesn’t make me feel good about this is that I have to most probably deal with Alexis sadness. Is Matthew sad?

“Right?! Exactly what I thought!”

I snap out of it and concentrate on the conversation again.

“She’s even become chummy with Jason.”

“Yeah right.” That was disbelieve and sarcasm.

“I’m serious. I have English Literature with those two and they always sit next to each other and talk.”

What are they? Jealous middle schoolers? I feel like I’ve landed in one of those ‘Mean Girls’ movies.

“I swear, if they start dating I’m going to kill her.”

My eyes go wide. She’s not serious is she?

“Wow, Hales. Exaggerate much?”

“It just pisses me off to think that her out of all people would be the first one to actually get Jason into a relationship. Even though I can’t imagine Jason ever having a serious relationship with anyone.” A giggle.

“True, since he’s never dated anyone from our school which is such a shame.”

“He probably doesn’t want to deal with a girl’s drama during school. Which, you have to admit, is pretty smart of him.”

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