RMYG: Chapter 24

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twenty-Four

Jason’s POV

“I can’t believe you, you asshole!”

I pull away from the red head, whose name turned out to be Valery, and stare at Max a little surprised. What the hell is she doing? She just interrupted my full on make out session! I was so close in taking her upstairs.

“How could you do this to me? And your unborn child!” she points at her abdomen in disbelieve and complete betrayal.

Wha…? What is she talking about?

Valery looks up at me in shock before she gave me a hard glare and slapped me smack across my left cheek.

“Dick.” Valery muttered before storming off.

I literally was gaping after her with my mouth open. What just happened? I narrow my eyes at Max, who was grinning after that Valery girl.

“What. The fuck. Was that?” I ask, trying to keep my voice leveled because I don’t lose my temper around girls.

Max looks at me and chuckles, “Relax, I’ve always wanted to do that. Did you see her face? It was priceless, but not as good as yours,” she imitates me by staring at the spot where Valery disappeared with an open mouth before back at me with another laugh, “Oh god, where’s a camera when you need one.” She pretends to wipe a fake tear from her eye.

I hold my breath, because if I don’t, I might yell at her. My cheek still pinched in pain from that slap. “That was not cool at all Max. I was close.”

Max’s face turned serious again, but the look on her face just showed how little she cared, “In case you’ve forgotten, your mission is to seduce Vanessa and not some…one night stand.”

“You wanted to say slut didn’t you?” I ask with a grin, my anger fading as I find it hard to believe that someone like Max had a hard time calling people names.

Max huffed in annoyance, “It doesn’t matter because Vanessa is in the game room playing Strip-Poker totally wasted, so I’d advise you to do something.”

I look at Max strangely, “Don’t lie to me.”  

Her eyes go wide, “I didn’t believe it myself, but I swear it’s her!”

Whaaat? Vanessa playing Strip-Poker? Yeah right. “Then take me to her, I need to see this for myself.”

“Okay.” Max shrugs and starts heading away.

Like I’d believe that. Does she think I’m stupid?

I follow Max through a hallway that is packed with people, the chandeliers on the ceiling making me flinch at the sudden harsh light. How many people are at this party? It seems like the whole school is here. I wonder who’s going to clean up this expensive carpet tomorrow.

“Be glad she’s winning.” Max mutters as we walked through one of the doors the hallway led to.

This is one of my most favorite rooms in this place, it’s huge! It had almost everything. A few pool tables, a small bowling alley with five lanes, a few video games and of course a poker table. This was a guy’s heaven –except for girls-. We even once stole some cigars from Donovan’s dad’s office and played poker all night. 

And, believe it or not, sitting at the poker table right now is Vanessa looking at everyone with a serious pokerface while the others passed cards.

Wow, this is a game for Donovan. He loves Strip-Poker, but only because he’s so good at it.

When it was Vanessa’s turn, everyone was staring at her in anticipation, waiting for her to do her move. She just looked at the guy on her left and then at the guy on her right before she got a massive grin on her face and lay her cards flat on the table. Everyone stared at them. Vanessa threw up her arms and cheered while the others groaned but laughed along, clapping in respect.

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