RMYG: Chapter 37

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Seven

“No.” I silently utter as I recognized the car parked in our driveway behind my moms who is usually at home already by this time.

Jason had just stopped at my house and turned off the ignition. “Whose car is that?” He asked skeptically, clearly noticing my distress and wanted to know why.

I, who was trying not to gag, pulled myself together to answer, “Matthew’s.”  

The way Jason tensed at the mere mention of his name strangely ignited butterflies in my stomach but also worried me at the same time as I saw his eyes darken and his mouth turned into a scowl. “I’m going in there with you.” Jason stated rather than asked already unbuckling his seatbelt.

I almost sighed in relief at his words and wanted to scream yes, but disappointment ran me cold as I pictured the atmosphere that would follow if Jason came in with me. Who knew what would happen if Jason and Matthew were in the same room. Not to forget my mom being in the house too.

This time I did sigh, but not in relief but because all of this sucked. “No. I don’t want you two to start a scene.”

“We won’t.” He said defiantly, looking at me convincingly.

I look away to avoid his gaze because I really didn’t want to go alone and am so close to caving in, “No.” I say stubbornly. I really didn’t want to deal with Jason’s and Matthew’s rivalry right now, because those two had had problems long before I left.

Jason was trying to stay patient with me, I could sense that but I could also sense that he really wanted to snap at me with that short temper of his, “I won’t let you be alone with that prick.”

“My mom will be there.” I argue, still not meeting his gaze, probably pissing him off more.

I was expecting an explosion or for him to finally snap, but instead he leaned back in his seat and sighed, “You know what I mean.” He murmured wearily.

I dared a glance his way, expecting a reproachful look but am surprised to see him staring out the windshield with a pondering look on his face. He didn’t look happy, more like a disappointed child; while a minute ago I almost cringed at the tension he was radiating.

Why? Why does he act like this when it involves Matthew? Is it because he wants to rub our relationship in his face? Or because he actually cares and is jealous?

That is my biggest worry in this relationship. Jason might be treating me differently now, but is it for the same reason I think it is or am I some kind of experiment of his?

On the other hand, I understand his uneasiness because the last time I talked to Matthew it didn’t end that well. “You’ll just have to trust me.” Is all I could think of to say. It’s true.

“You know trust isn’t one of my strong points.” He admits as he looks at me.

I turn to face him in my seat, “You can trust your teammates can’t you?”

“Hmm, most of them anyway.” He says with a shrug but gives me a knowing little smile.

I roll my eyes in spite of the increasing pace of my heart at his affectionate teasing. “Well, you have to learn to trust me.”

He was silent for a while, “Do you trust me?” It would sound like a casual question to anyone but I saw a hint of genuine curiosity in his eyes.

“Yes.” It was some kind of impulse of mine to just blurt out that word and I wished I had thought about my answer more clearly before I gave it because I honestly didn’t know if I could trust Jason one hundred percent.

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