RMYG: Chapter 7

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Seven

“Miss Pierce? Nice to have you back on the Track team.” Coach Smith smiles at me.

Coach Smith is my most favorite teacher at Mackenzie High. I love Track and she’s been the coach for five years. She’s just the best.

“Glad to be back, Coach.” I answer, returning the smile.

We girls had to do some stretching, grabbing some of the football players attention while they practiced on the field.

Usually they would be staring at the cheerleaders, but they were busy doing their normal boring routine so the guys focused on our legs in these Track shorts. Mostly I ignore them, because I know they aren’t looking at me, but more at the taller girls whose long slim legs just appealed to them more.

What will make Track a pain for me this time is that Matt is on the Football team and Alexis on the Cheerleading squad. I didn’t have that problem three years ago. But the Track team always had practice at the same time the Football team and the Cheerleading squad had.

I try not to concentrate on them, but I feel Matthew’s gaze burning into my back a few times, which is really distracting.

After the stretching, a group of girls had to line up. When it was my turn to run with the other group of girls, I concentrate more on moving my legs as fast as they can, while enjoying the adrenaline I get every time I sprint.

I came third. Michelle, who came first, has always been the best in track and my goal is to just once beat her. But I’m a little out of practice after three years.

“Congrats, Michelle.” I say still panting a little.

While panting, she still gives me a thankful smile, “Thanks, welcome back. You didn’t do bad yourself, coach will defiantly let you back on the team.”

“I hope so; I still want to keep the challenge on beating you one day.” I nudge her with a grin.

“Not gonna happen.” Michelle insists, shaking her head in amusement.

Michelle and I have always been Track buddies and we’d even run against each other in warm ups but she is so incredibly fast, I first have to get some exercise again to take up our challenge again.

We had to run a few more laps. Track practice took two hours, just as long Football and Cheerleading practice. Alexis has insisted that I’d take a ride with them after practice, which will be so uncomfortable for me now after what happened between Matthew and I.

I took my time when Coach announced practice is over and that I made the Track team. The football players and cheerleaders were already leaving the field and headed to the changing rooms.

Except for one.

Jason stayed on the field, listening to music on his ear buds and taking a drink from his water before picking up a ball and throwing it.

Doesn’t he have to get home? Maybe his ride is running late.

I never understood football at all. It’s a game where a bunch of guys fight for a ball, but for some reason this sport seemed important to Jason. He wanted to be the best. Why else would he still be standing here training by himself? But he’s already the quarterback, so what more does he have to do? I knew enough about football to know what a quarterback is and Jason is the only guy in the team that instructs the players and tells them what to do, so it had to be him. And everyone really listened to him. Okay, why would he be team captain if nobody would listen to him? They have to choose someone that is good in communicating with his team mates.

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