RMYG: Chapter 5

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This is a little fill in chapter where you get to know a little about Vanessa's home life.

Enjoy :-)


Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Five

I throw all of my photo albums into a moving box that I still had lying around. All my photo albums that have a picture of Matthew in them. I literally packed away seven full photo albums, and those are just mine, my mom has a lot more. Matthew and I have been friends ever since I could breath.

I couldn’t bring myself to burn them like they do it in those cliché movies, so I packed them into a box, took a permanent marker and scribbled on top, ‘Warning! Don’t touch, unless you’re ready again’, before dropping it into the back of my closet where I wouldn’t pay any attention to it.

That was the easy part. Downstairs on the walls and drawers are picture frames of him and I together too. I didn’t have the guts to ask my mom to put them away, because than she’s ask me why and then I’d have to explain. But who ever wants to tell their parents about a break up?

If you can even call this a break up. We never said the official words.

I pull out the heart necklace that I slip into my cleavage. I take hold of it and am about to yank it off, but just when I was about to, my hand freezes. I can’t. I can’t do it. I love this necklace; it holds the best memory of my life. Just because Matt gave it to me, doesn’t mean I have to destroy such a beautiful thing. Yes, if I look at it it will remind me of what Matt and I used to have, but I don’t care.

“Hey, Vanessa sweetie, can you come help me in the kitchen?” My mom asks, walking past me with a few tomatoes in her hands and went into the kitchen.

I follow her halfheartedly, the ingredients already resting on the big counter in the middle of the kitchen.

Opening a drawer, I pick out a knife and a board, setting them on the counter as well.

“Look, Ness!” I turn around and my mom holds up the tomatoes proudly, “They have been busy growing in our garden while we were gone. Don’t they look great?”

I smile and nod. I didn’t want my mom to see my change of mood, so I say what I usually would, “Really great mom, now we can use the money we save on not buying tomatoes on that I-phone I wanted?”

My mom snorts, “Yeah right, as soon as you get me a unicorn and we take a magic ride to Candy land.”

I look at her strangely, since this is not normal behavior for her. That is usually my behavior!

“I got that from this strange TV series I watched yesterday.” She explains, waving her hand at me before getting a knife as well.

I just shake my head at her in amusement.

“I hate cutting onions; can’t you do that for me?” My mom asks me, looking at the bag of onions in distaste.

I walk over to her and pull out an onion, “Remind me, who is the mother here?” I ask, going back to my board and start peeling the first layer of the onion with my hand.

“Don’t get any ideas, it’s still me.” She warns with a grin, turning back to her own cutting board.

“Why can’t you just make a meal without any onions?” I complain, already getting that sharp smell by just pealing it.

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