RMYG: Chapter 32

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Two

“Are you serious? That was Matthew about three and a half years ago?” Luke seems baffled as he stared at the picture.

I’ve finally decided to tell Luke everything after what he saw yesterday. So I had grabbed my old school yearbook and taken it to this café Luke and I had agreed to meet at. If I think about it, this is the first time Luke and I have actually hung out somewhere outside of school.

I nod to his question, “And I trust you enough not to tell anyone.”

Luke shook his head, “Of course not. I can imagine how hard it must have been to tell me all of this.” He seemed to ponder for a while before he only uttered, “Unbelievable.”

Looking up from my Latte, I gave Luke a questioning glaze. “What is?”

“You.” He answered, lightly shaking his head as he looked back at the picture.

Out of all the answer he could have given me, I didn’t think of this one. “Why me? Alexis and Matthew are the ones who are unbelievable!” I say defensively, feeling sort of hurt that Luke is defending them because he’s the last person I would have believed to take their side. No, actually Jason is the last person I would have believed to take their side; because he’s the only person where I have the feeling he’s suffering with me. I had that feeling the day he had so unexpectedly kissed me and had defended me from Matthew when he tried to confront us. But thinking that makes me feel selfish.

Luke chuckling brings me back to the present, making me stare at him like he’s completely lost his mind. How can he laugh about this? “That’s not what I meant by ‘unbelievable’. When I said ‘unbelievable’ I meant amazing. You’re amazing, Vanessa.”

My cheeks warm up at the thought that I was about to give him a piece of my mind and make a scene.

“How am I amazing?” Nothing I’ve done so far can be counted as amazing. I keep running away. From everything and everyone. Alexis, Matthew and…Jason. I really want to be with Jason. I want us to be okay again without me messing it up every time.

“You’re seeming to be coping okay. I mean you haven’t had a serious breakdown yet-“

“Ooohooo, I’ve had plenty of breakdowns.” I move closer, “This one time, I actually locked myself in my room and watch a cheesy romantic movie on my laptop while eating a big bucket of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream while bawling my eyes out. It wasn’t pretty.” When Luke stared at me funny, I explained, “I see heartbroken teens do that in movies all the time, so I thought that was a way to blow of steam. It didn’t help and I wasn’t able to stomach all that ice-cream.”

“You know, I’m trying to make you feel better here.” Luke says, seeming a little irritated at my ridiculous story but a little amused none the less.

I sigh, “Sorry, I guess I was trying to change the topic away from me because I’ve been nothing but a coward. You’ve witnessed it yourself the other time. I couldn’t face Jason after I’ve bad talked him to my mom to save Alexis ass, who deserved my mothers distrust more.” My fingers subconsciously slide around the brim of my cup as I stare at the bit of foam float on the Latte.

“You’re a really loyal person, Vanessa.” I look up at Luke to listen, “You’ve known Alexis longer than Jason, so of course it is your instinct to defend her first. You’re still confused about who your loyalty really stands for. You’ve been defending Matthew as well and you’ve been defending me. That’s just who you are.”

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