RMYG: Chapter 18

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Eighteen

“Tell me, would you ever date this guy?”

I look up from my papers and crawled to the edge of the bed where Jason was sitting on my carpet floor, his back against the wood of my bed with my laptop resting on his lap. I lean over his shoulder, our cheeks almost touching as I look at the laptop screen that currently showed a picture of William Shakespeare.

We have been working on our project for about two hours since Jason and I haven’t really done much in the last few days so this was good progress. Except that the research got kind of boring and I felt like I wanted to sleep. Jason insisted that he check the internet because he didn’t want to be the one stuck with a book so bad luck for me. 

Looking at the picture made me remember that William Shakespeare is really not the most attractive man, since he looks half bold to me even though he has shoulder length dark hair. Well, I was never fond of dudes in the past.

“Nope.” I answer, “But looks don’t matter, Jason.” I add studying the portrait of William some more. The longer I stared at it, the weirder it got. Is that even possible? I blink a few times. That didn’t help.

Thankfully Jason snorts, distracting me from crossing my eyes.

“They so do.” He disagrees and turns his head to look at me, causing his face to only be mere inches from mine.

It surprised me that I could hold his gaze without flinching or shying away. Like this I can see every feature of his face clearly. The crook in his nose, the little scar on his forehead.  

A small smile formed on my lips. “You have freckles.” I realize for the first time. They were slightly visible on his cheekbones, but they were fading.

I wonder what he’s thinking right now. But just at that moment the door to my room opened, interrupting my thoughts abruptly. With a jolt I hurriedly pull back and sit straight on my bed, my gaze snapping to the person at the door. Jason too turned his head back to the laptop screen to pretend nothing happened.

I was relieved that it wasn’t my mom, but I wasn’t glad to see this person either. “Alexis?”  

Mom must have let her in, since she’s been here more than a hundred times. That didn’t bother me as much as to why she’s here. To be honest I was scared to be alone with her.

Alexis looks startled as her gaze went from mine to Jason’s, who is also looking at her with a different kind of surprise.

She hesitated for a while, seeming a little at loss of words, “I-I didn’t know I was interrupting.” She says in a soft tone, holding onto her shoulder bag’s strap even tighter.

I‘ve never seen her so unconfident. Alexis always knew how to handle a situation smoothly and she definitely had a lot of confidence.  Except in her appearance nothing changed. Her blond hair was loose as usual and she was wearing a pair of white jean shorts in this weather, her tall legs still looking like summer. Only her blue and white striped long sleeved baggy shirt that looked stylish rather than homey and her grey boots made you aware that it was chilly outside.    

I was about to say something but Jason placed the laptop aside and got up, making me turn my attention to him. “It’s fine.” He says to Alexis. “It’s about time I get home anyway.”

Jason took his jacket that was draped over my desk chair and looked at me as I got off the bed.

I drop the papers I’m still holding in my hand onto the bed. “I’ll bring you to the door.” I offer and pull my shirt lower as I went to the door, Alexis moving aside.  

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