RMYG: Chapter 25

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Twenty-Five

Matthew’s POV

Did last night really happen? Or was this some twisted joke? But on the other hand, all the evidence of this morning is clearly enough proof. I mean, how else could I explain waking up stark naked in a bed I’ve never been in with Alexis next to me?

The waitress came back and lay down our glasses of water and coffees. “Can I get you anything else? Something to eat?” she asked politely, looking between Alexis and me.

“Yeah, an aspirin.” Alexis mutters, whose elbows were resting on the table while massaging her temples.

The waitress gave her a confused look, since that’s not something you ask a waitress and she wasn’t sure if Alexis was being serious or not.

“That’d be all, thanks.” I say dismissively, making her nod and walk away.

Alexis and I each took a glass of water and chugged it down. Fucking headache. I was so set on not getting a hangover for once.

“Was this whole sleeping with me thing so you could convince me to get back together?” Alexis was the one to break the silence.

Ever since we decided to go to this place, Alexis and I haven’t exchanged a word during the whole car ride here and those are the first words she chooses to start a conversation?

I couldn’t help but stare at her dumbfounded. “I didn’t plan this.”

Alexis looked at me strangely. “I thought you wanted me back.”

“I do, but not like this.” What was she getting at? She was acting like this was all my idea, as if guys did this kind of thing on a daily basis.

“Than what was yesterday all about?” She asked, clearly seeming to grow slowly pissed at me.

I guess what I said had upset her, but she was acting so full of herself that it pissed me off too.

“Yesterday was your doing, Alexis. I’m not making you the guilty party here because I’m just as guilty as you are, but you did start it. I’m being honest here when I’m saying the only reason I didn’t stop you was because I wanted you just as badly as you wanted me, so the least you could do is admit that you regret letting me go and want me back too.”

Man that felt good to just let that out. Because all this time Alexis made it seem like she was over me and that I was the only one of us desperate to get the other one back. I knew she wasn’t that heartless.

Alexis frowned down at her empty glass, not being able to look me in the eye because she knew I was right. “Fine!” she sighed in frustration, “I want things to go back to normal, okay? The only reason I didn’t want to say anything is because I want things to go back to the way they were when Vanessa hadn’t returned. But what’s so bad about that? Right, it’s the wrong thing to say, since Vanessa is my best friend...well, I was her best friend.”

Everything would be easier if Vanessa just left again. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about her being with that ass. Jason really pisses me of lately. What does he want from Vanessa? He has never shown an interest in her before, so what is that sick bastard planning?

He totally blew me off when I tried to confront him yesterday. Acting all innocent and cocky. If Vanessa hadn’t shown up I would have punched his face in.

None of this would have happened if Vanessa never left at all.  But it wasn’t her fault she had to leave; Alexis and I just want to blame someone else even though we are the only ones who really are to blame.

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