RMYG: Chapter 33

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Thirty-Three

“Happy Birthday!!!” I cheer with a big smile on my face as soon as the door opened to reveal none other than a surprised and dishevelled Jason. The look on his face is priceless and really adorable as I hold the chocolate cupcake up with a single thin red candle poking up.

“Sorry, I actually lighted the candle but as soon as I got outside the wind blew it out.” I give him an apologetic smile which made Jason snap out of it and composed his face expression, which didn’t seem to help much since it looks like he wants to say something but has trouble speaking.

I expected Jason to be shocked and surprised but this is not what I was expecting. He looked kind of worried which is really confusing and makes me doubt my decision about today. Jason worried? Strangely that made me panic a little too.

“How do you know where I live?” Jason asks, seeming to have regained speech. That question made my smile drop completely as I now stare at him a little hurt and disappointed. “Uh, Judy gave me your address so I’ve decided to make a surprise visit for your birthday. She thought it would be a good idea. Sh-should I leave?” I ask uncertainly, suddenly feeling really uncomfortable standing here, feeling like I’ve invaded his privacy.

I knew it, I knew it. I shouldn’t have come; my face is probably as red the candle. It took me so much courage to get my ass over here and now all of this felt for nothing. I just knew I couldn’t do this.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Now panic was evident on Jason face as he quickly lifted his hands to touch me but hesitated as he realised he didn’t know how in this situation, rendering him helpless.

I touch my cheek and look at it proving that what Jason had said was right. Are you kidding me? Now I’m crying like a little child. But the tears won’t stop! Why do I have to keep humiliating myself?

Startled I open my eyes when I felt Jason’s warm hand stroke the tears away from my wind chilled cheeks. I hesitantly look up at him, feeling suddenly shy about how hideous I must look like right now with my bloodshot eyes. But his gaze was kind, a little unsure but warm.

“You know how I get. I was caught of guard and handled the situation like I always do, I get defensive. I have to get used to this being more thoughtful with ones feelings. So please don’t take it to heart when I’m being a little too harsh. I really didn’t mean to make you upset.” He explained with a serious look on his face, his thumb tracing over my cheekbone at a single tear that had managed to escape.

I was mesmerised to say the least. I’ve never heard Jason talk in that tone before; it was like his voice was lulling me into complete calm. 

“Sorry.” I mutter quickly, breaking eye contact and stare at my grey ankle boots.

That made Jason chuckle and my cheeks flame. “Why are you being sorry? I was the ass.” He took my hand and pulled me into the house. “Don’t mind the mess, I was too lazy to clean it.”

I take my coat off and look around as Jason took it from me and hung it on a rack before leading me further inside. The only things indicating that it’s messy here is that there are a few cups and a plate on the living room table and an astray with a few empty soda bottles and chip bags.

I could just imagine Jason lounging on that sofa, his long legs sprawled in front of him in a lazy manner while taking a drag from his cigarette as he watched TV. Why do I find that sexy? I despise smoking, yet Jason makes it look classy. I mentally shake my head to get rid of my ridiculous thoughts.

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