RMYG: Chapter 8

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Remember Me…Your Girlfriend?

Chapter Eight

"Why aren’t you dressed yet?” My mom whines just as I reach the bottom of the stairs as she walked by in hurry, stopping when she sees me. She is stressed about tonight, mostly because my mom is a perfectionist, she freaks about every little problem, it gets annoying at times but you learn to live with it.

I look down at my worn out jeans and sweater, my Converse almost reaching the end of their purpose. “I am dressed. I’m not nude am I?” I tease, even though my mood is in a horrible state for teasing.

I look at what my mom is wearing. A V-neck navy blue dress that reaches her knees, two layers. The second layer is a thin fabric flowing loosely around her legs. Her hair is in a nice up do, her make up made to give her face more of a natural look.   

Mom was stressing about the Romero’s coming over for dinner tonight. She literally is hassling everyone around. Poor dad has to wear a tie. He literally hates ties; he has bad experiences with them. If he wears ties, he either gets caught somewhere –which I find quite impossible but my dad seems to get it right every time- or he chokes and ends up yanking it right off his throat, throwing it to the ground, stepping or rather stomping on it, cursing it and it’s mother or rather it’s maker. It ain’t pretty, but hilarious. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen tonight.

Mom stares at me dryly, not at all appreciating the joke, “Go up the stairs, into your room and wear something more decent.”

Her voice scares me, so calm yet so in control. It reminded me of Jason, he used the same tone with that huge football player. No wonder he flinched away. Mom always gets her way like that. That also explains dad walking past us while struggling with a black tie and murmuring to himself or is it to the tie?

Never mind, I didn’t question mom, but turned around with a peeved off pout while dragging myself up the stairs with heavy feet.

Stupid dinner. Why is she freaking? It’s only the Romero’s, old friends of ours that are coming to catch up.

I walk back into my room, closing the door behind me before heading to my closet. I really wanted to avoid this dinner. I was thinking of asking my mom if I could sleepover at Alexis, what I ended up doing but as expected, she said no. ‘I don’t understand why you don’t want to join us. Hailey and John are so exited to see you again. If you really want to be with Alexis than invite her over to us, but you are not missing this dinner. Matt will be there, how could you say no to that?’ Of course I didn’t invite Alexis over. My parents think I’m still together with Matthew. How awkward would that be? Do Matthew’s parents even know he’s with Alexis?

I shake those thoughts out of my head. I don’t want to know.

Pushing aside piles and piles of clothes I still didn’t know what I should wear. I have nothing fancy in my closet. Not that I’m actually planning to wear anything fancy, it’s just a dinner.

But than a thought popped into my head.

I close my closet door again and leave my room. I have nothing fancy to wear, but that doesn’t mean my mom doesn’t. That is why I’m busy walking down the hallway and into my parents room, heading immediately for my parents closet and look through my moms side.

Is it wrong to want to impress your ex? To show him what he’s missing? I never think like that, but to be fair, I was never in this position before. He was my first boyfriend and heartbreak.

While I start stripping off my clothes and slip my moms black dress with the thin straps over my head and slip it down my body and hips, did I start having a bad feeling. This isn’t right. I look at myself in the body long mirror standing in my parent’s room. The dress is a little too big, but the good thing is that it has two strings on each side at the back to tie it, making it tighter.

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