Chapter 38

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Katniss POV:

Peeta tucks me in bed and kisses my head he climbs in and sleeps next to me. i can tell he is asleep by the slight snores coming from him

I have to move on

She is not coming back

She gone Katniss


Why CAnt i just accept it?

Because it was my mothers fault? Well I rung the police about it and they said they will put my mum under question. 

Wait...I have no family now. My mum is a cold blooded killer (sort of) My dad and sister are dead. there is noone left that I love. Well I love Peeta more than anything but technically he isnt blood related. But he is the only person left I love and yes I know what your going to say and No i hate my step father in all honesty for letting my mum do that to prim. Wait was he in on that to!? 

"Stop it Katniss" I say loud enough to wake Peeta "Oh sorry I was talking to myself" a weak voice comes out my mouth. I snuggle into his outstreched arms. Oh Peeta why do you love me I will never understand...

I enter the lounge with my cup of coffee and slice of toast for breakfast to see Peeta, Annie and Finnick sitting on the sofa's staring at the mail

"You guys okay?" I ask placing my coffee on a placemat. They keep staring intensly at the mail "Hello?" I snap my fiers infront of the mail

"Huh?" They say in unison. I just burst out laughing at thier stupidness

"What is the deal with the mail today anyway?" I ask sitting next to Peeta. They look at me dumbfounded. "What?" I ask getting uncomfortable from thier stairs

"COLLAGE LETTERS THAT TELL US IF WE GOT IN!" Annie screams I can feel my ears vibrating from her shrillness. 

"CAlm down I tell her looking through the mail for my letter"

"Sorry" She replies looking at her feet

"Well imma open mine but you guys seem to like staring so yeah.." I trail off as I open the envolope. They eventually pick up thiers and tear them open. I open the letter and begin reading

Dear Miss Katniss Everdeen,

We would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to the 'Panem Collage'. You should feel very proud and honoured as you are truly talented in your chosen skill, Archery. We took a look at your academic grades (English, Maths, Science) and whilst they may not be the best it is a good price to pay for someone with your skill in archery

Many Congratulations and we look forward too seeing you next month at the Panem Collage!


Yours Sincerly,

Ms Coin (Head of Panem Collage)

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" I squel over excited this is not like me but it gives me another chance. Another shot at a succesful future. I look over to Peeta to see a smile etched on his face "YOu got in?" I say

"YES!" He shouts and embraces me. When we let go of eachother we look over to Annie and Finnick they have sad expressions

Oh no they didnt get i...

"WE GOT IN!" They scream and we all have a group hug.

This time next month we will be in dorms in our collage. A second chance. Thats all we needed. This is going to be great!

Authors note:

Okay everyone I am sorry to say that was the last chapter of HUnger Games High... BUT DONT WORRY!! The sequel Panem Collage will be up soon and I will tell you when but I just wanted to say the feedback on this book has been amazing and I cant thank you all enough for your positive feedback and votes! It means alot as writing is one of my passions to know that you enjoy it means alot so this bit is about you. Without you this book probably wouldnt have ever been finished. But YOU inspired me to keep writing so much I am writing a sequel. Another big thank you and I will notify you when my sequel is up!!! 

Love you all xoxo

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