Chapter 25

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Peeta's POV:

"Yeah I think you have to sign up to audition..." Finnick is cut of by a scream. It comes from the girls bathroom. Katniss... I rush out my seat and sprint towards the bathroom. I don't care if im a boy going in to a girls toilet. i just need to make sure Katniss is ok. I forcefully push open the door. I am greeted with a pool of blood in the middle of the floor. I look round and see no one. I open cubicals.

"Katniss?" I scream "KATNISS WHERE ARE YOU?" I half shout. No reply. I turn to look at the blood once more and notice something. In the middle of the blood is a necklace with a pearl on with 'always' engraved on it. I gave that to Katniss. Why is it here. If her necklace is in the pool of blood does that mean its her blood? I begin paniking. Tears stream down my face. My beautiful girl, please be alright. I mentally slap myself


Peeta has been gone a while so I go to make sure everything is alright. Obviosly not! I find him sitting on the bathroom floor, head in hands, crying. He is holding something red. Infront of him is a pool of blood. What happened here...


I wake in a cold room. I try to move but im restrained. What is going on. I was in the bathroom a minute ago. What?

"Peeta?" My voice cracks. "PEETA!" What is going on why am i here? A light switches on blinding me. I squint my eyes because my vision won't focuse. Then I see him. It. Smirking at me

"What do you want with me!" I cry

"Well you have a few options" He suggests

"Ok then what are my options" I hiss

"First you drop out of the collage if you get in or I could take your life" He says


"Your right I should just kill you now and I win double!" He smiles walking towards me. My hands sweat and my feet tremble. Im like a volcano about to erupt.

"Oh and don't try and fight me because its 2 against 1" He smirks. Out of the corner of the room a girl appears. Now I know who my kidnappers are. 

Glimmer and Marvel...


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 10K READS! It means so much to me. So this was an idea by a fan so thanks for the idea! I have had a good response to the sequel. So yeh I will probs do it. But im going to make them do thier auditions in this book and the sequel will start on the first day of collage. Thanks again =)


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