Chapter 21

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Katniss Pov:


I made my mum and Plutarch to promise to keep Prim well fed and safe after a while of explaineing shouting screaming yelling...


"Mum me and Peeta are moving to district 4 you will make sure you will look after Prim you too Plutarch If you don't trust me you wont see daylight again" I say stubbornly looking between my mum and Plutarch

"Why are you moving?" My mum asks softly looking up at me

"Because We want to start our own lives fresh"


"Yeah your point?"

"Your too young" She states

"Ok then Plutarch what do you think?" I say ignoring my mum. If he wants me to like him he will agree

"I think it would be nice if you visited us evry once in a while" BOOYA! I smirk at my mum

"THANKS PLUTARCH" I say hugging him. Wait what? I hugged him? What has gotten in to me? Oh well im too happy to think about it. I scramble up stairs and begin packing


My bag is packed and im just waiting for Peeta to come and pick me up. As if on cue he knocks at the door. I run down and open the door and launch myself into his arms. He stumbles back a bit and starts laughing at my goofiness

"Excited much?" He teases.

"I will go and get my bag one sec" I say and get my bag and run back to Peeta. "PRIM?" I shout and she runs towards me

"Katniss I will miss you please Skype and call me EVERYDAY" She pleads

"Of course little duck" I say bending down to her level "I will see you soon" I kiss the top of her forhead and straighten back up watching her fling herself towards Peeta. She hugs his legs and he picks her up quickly. What a great dad he would make. What did i just htink? OMG! Katniss stop it! I must have been slapping myself because Peeta and Prim burst out laughing. I flush red and Prim gets off of Peeta as my mother comes in with Plutarch

"Have fun" Plutarch smiles while My mother stands silently not making eye contact with me she walks over to Peeta and says something i cant quite makeout. I will ask Peeta Later


Miss Everdeen walks over to me

"Don't let her do anything stupid" She whispers then walks off. What does she mean? She thinks Katniss will do something stupid? I swear that woman has no trust in her own daughter. Wow! Supportive mother. Not that mines any better...

Me and Katniss walk out and I put the suitcases in the trunk and Katniss gets in the car.



We drive off towards the train station...


We've been waiting her for about 10 minutes the train should be here any minute. AS im lost in though Annie and Finnick Walk up to us.

"What are you guys doing here?" Katniss stutters her eyes focusing on them

"We have some GREAT NEws" She cheers Looking at Finnick to continue


This could not get any better. Me and Katniss are going to live in district four and start a fresh life and our best mates are going to be there as well. Katniss Beams at them and I laugh

"So the sea God wanted more water?" I chuckled

"Yeah I don't have enough sea here" He sighs. "Well With being Posiden and everything" He smiles. Me Annie and Katniss burst out laughing. Wow. Were going to have great lives...

Authors Note:

Heyy Sorry for not updating I have a show in my Drama club and Im learning the script so yeh. I will update as much as I can. And Omg Thankyou for over 4k READS. LIKE OMG. Please Comment on what you want to happen. I have ideas but i always like to know what you want to happen. Thank-you again. Love YOUUUUUUUUUU

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