Hunger Games Imagines and Preferences by kaleywisner
Hunger Games Imagines and kaley
#14 in Hunger Games. Just a collection of Hunger Games Series Imagines They include -Peeta -Finnick -Gale -Cato -Katniss I take requests, message me Btw the chapters...
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'I will not follow the commands of a foolish old man who sits in his ivory tower all day with no regard for the lives of his people!' Quinn Larkin was ruthless. ...
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The Second Quarter Quell:A Hunger Games Roleplay by EdenMoonlight
The Second Quarter Quell:A ✨Eden✨
50 years since the rebellion lost. 50 years since the games started. 50 years of children forced to kill. Each year 23 kids die in an arena,and so far 1,127 children hav...
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Maybe It Can Be Real by weezabeth
Maybe It Can Be Realby Elizabeth
The last eight years my world has been a crazy storm with a million things flying around here and there, but one thing was continually constant: Peeta was always the cal...
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Noah Schnapp- wrong number by violetteschnapp
Noah Schnapp- wrong numberby schnapperdoodle
it was just one average day for Sophia until she gets a call that changes her life forever *INCLUDES EXPLICIT CONTENT, 13+ PLEASE!*
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Pregnant and a Victor by flip_splash_twirl
Pregnant and a Victorby flip_splash_twirl
After the Victor's tour Katniss finds out she's pregnant with Peeta's baby. The bad part is that the Quarter Quell, 75th games, are supposed to happen while she's pregna...
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Finding the Missing Piece: Book 5 by cogdill
Finding the Missing Piece: Book 5by thg_jennifer_josh
Parenthood has finally found Katniss and Peeta Mellark. In this story they are going to be learning to live life with a child in their hands. They've finally overcome th...
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Plenty of Fish in the Sea. (Hunger Games) by Angelbabe01
Plenty of Fish in the Sea. ( Angelbabe01
Serena Rivera, one of the female victors of District Four barely managed to survive her time in The Arena. Still plagued by nightmares and hallucinations, how will she c...
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Fire and Ice- a Catoniss Story [COMPLETED] by mkw1620
Fire and Ice- a Catoniss Story [ Kara Emms
•Highest Ranking: #53 in #katniss• Cato and Katniss met when they were younger, but when the 74th Hunger Games approaches they are left to discover the true acts of thei...
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May The Odds Be Ever In Our Favour {PurplePhone | Hunger Games} by 19VincentPurpleGuy87
May The Odds Be Ever In Our Remember to smile, you are th...
Scott is a small, fragile boy from District 11 who wasn't expected to survive the first day of the Games. He's been hanging on the brink by stalking Vincent, the stronge...
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True  {Completed} by KennaMellark
True {Completed}by Kenna
What if Katniss actually did love Peeta and got pregnant...... Takes place when Katniss blows out the arena and is in the hovercraft (COMPLETED) All rights go to Suzanne...
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the year I became pretty. . . (everlark) by LCDANCER9
the year I became pretty. . . ( Brunette Barbie
pretty. it's the word society uses to describe those who are attractive. I, Katniss, have never been called that. except my family. I was a nerd, geek, always reading or...
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What if by percabethlover2040
What ifby percabethlover2040
What if Katniss was pregnant in the Quell. What if Peeta didn't know and told the lie, not knowing it was true. What if Peeta went through the hijacking and forgot Katni...
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Always: A Hunger Games Fanfiction by booklover2019
Always: A Hunger Games Fanfictionby booklover2019
My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am eighteen years old. I survived The Hunger Games twice. Peeta was hijacked. He was rescued and he's fighting to return to his old self...
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A Thousand Lifetimes by waitwhatsasociallife
A Thousand Lifetimesby waitwhatsasociallife
COMPLETED Katniss has returned to district 12, but without anyone but Haymitch and Sae she is struggling, she needs Peeta. When Peeta returns they grow back together. Wi...
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In The Blowing Ashes by 17wardm
In The Blowing Ashesby Kayla Ward
When our eyes met, the memories all came rushing back. From throwing her the bread to saying goodbye at the Lightening Tree to the red plaid dress on the first day of Ki...
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The 75th Quarter Quell by hungergamefanatic02
The 75th Quarter Quellby Katniss+Peeta
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark have won the 74th Hunger Games. They are home but have yet to speak to each other since they got home. But when the quell is announced...
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Eternal Love (Katniss and Peeta) by _Johanna_Mason_
Eternal Love (Katniss and Peeta)by _Johanna_Mason_
Katniss and Peeta have been through a lot. Some of it together and some of it on their own. Katniss and Peeta now know that they are better as a whole. That they are two...
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Pregnant?{Complete} by LoveWillowEdwards
Pregnant?{Complete}by Willow Edwards
"I'm pregnant with Peeta Mellark's child." One sentence I never thought I'd ever say. At least not in the time and place we're in. If it were somewhere safe af...
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Nepenthe : Finnick Odair by argentOswald
Nepenthe : Finnick Odairby Liv
"This is no place for a broken and shattered girl like you " in which a girl from district 5 aspires to be her own change in the world. {some pre - hunger game...
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