Chapter 7

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Katniss POV:

I walk in to school with marvel.yay. ugh u really hate this. He made me where the revealing outfit really? shouldn't a boy like you for  you not what they make of you? well this is marvel! as we enter the school girls give me glares. Lovely I'm gonna lose the bit of dignity I had. as we enter the cafeteria  Glimmer runs up to marvel. then clove,Delly, Foxface and about 10 I don't know they're names. at the same time they say

"Marvel as your my boyfriend go to prom with me?" Then they turn to each other begin arguing then turn to marvel take turns slapping him then strut off. I gotta admit it looks fun so I slap him. As I'm nearly at the door I hear something.

"AW well I'm sure this can be your date!" Says Peeta and Finnick mockingly and gives a cardboard cut out of a girl in a prom dress and leaves laughing to them selves. I run to catch up with them.

"Thank you" I shout to them. They turn to my finnick nudges Peeta forward to me then leaves. Peeta stares in to my eyes "Thank you"

"No problem I would do anything for you Kat" He smiles

"I'm not worth it you know"

"Your worth the world"

"No ones ever said any thing like that to me"

"I think it's time someone did" He leans in. Sparks fly through my body as his lips touch mine. I know I'm not gonna be the first to break this.


Thanks for reading. BTW sorry if I'm no good at the romantic stuff Im a fangirl so that's what I learnt from books :-P I'm sorry if I don't update for a while I'm going on holiday and I don't think there's very good internet. I will write but they may not upload but when I get back I promise I will update. Listened to Katy Perry's new album while writing this its amazing! Chapter dedicated to my Bestie Katie

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