Chapter 9

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Peetas Pov:

I run after her.

"Katniss?!" I shout no response "KATNISS?" I shout again. No response. She must have gone to cool of she will be alright. I hope...

*Next day*

I wake up im worried Katniss hasnt replied to any of my texts or calls. I hope she is alright. I walk down stares and something catches my attention.

"It was reported last night that a girl Katniss Everdeen Has gone missing it has also been reported by a witness they saw her in the late hours of last night being taken by someone. Search parties are out looking for the missing teenager" THe reporter states

"Peeta are you alright?" My dad asks I didnt realise i was crying. I shake my head and he pulls me in for a hug. I hope Katniss will be ok


Chapter dedicsted To Alice Harvey

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