Chapter 12

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Katniss Pov:

I see Peeta Tackling the Kidnapper and then running over to me

He takes of my restraints and I can't hold my tears in any longer I cry in his shoulder and he soothes me eventually I calm down and the police and ambulance arrive.

"Right we need you to tell us in full detail what this woman did to you" He states

"Well..." I start but burst in to tears again and Peeta comforts me. I'm scared of telling them what happened. I don't want Peeta to know because its his own mother.

"quite serious burns and marks a broken bone perhaps" the ambulance states. Peeta looks at me worried and the police officer has an idea he asks me yes and no questions.

"Did this lady torture you?"


"Did she take you to a house near the lake?"


"did you write a letter to someone"




"has he got it?" in response peeta pulls out the letter.

"Thank you that's all we need" he Says handing the letter back to Peeta

"Right what is your name?" The ambulace medic guy asks

"Katpiss?" I sort of question. I don't remember. what is my name?

"Katniss" Peeta corrects "Katniss Everdeen"

"Katniss Mellark" I say ignoring Peeta

"Age?" he asks


"16" Peeta corrects

"woah I'm old!" I say

Peetas POV:

"woah I'm old" she laughs

"Who is the most important to you?" he asks

"Peeta" she replies. This makes me smile

"What relation is he to you?"

"Boyfriend" she smiles.

"do you have any family members?"

"Huh? No" she says

"Thank you" he says then gestures for me to talk to him

"It seems Katniss has suffered minor memory loss. But its interesting in this case she remembers you and only you it seems she loves you a lot that she can't forget you" The medic says "we would like you to stay with her for a while because it seems she doesn't trust any one but you" he continues and like magic she starts screaming.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" She cries to Gale. I run over to her.

"What's the matter?" I ask

"stranger danger!" she says

"What?" Gale asks

"Explain later" I whisper to him he walks away.

"Don't leave me again please peeta I'm scared"



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