Chapter 35

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I feel the bed lighten and know Katniss has gotten up.

"Katniss" I mumble

"Yeah" Her alarmed voice scares me

"What are you doing up at" I open my eyes and turn to the alarm clock 2AM! "2am" I turn to her and see panic in her eyes. 

"Hungry" She awnsers something is going on and I need to find out what.


He nearly caught me I think he believes me but I need to be more careful. I pack some bags with essentials: 



Clothes. I shouldnt be gone that long but who knows one can never be to careful. I dont even know what Im going to do all I know is my mother is going to pay but i need to see Prim before doing anything too drastic.

"Peeta will you come with me too see prim!" I beg him tugging his shirt. He nods and I hug him "Thank you thank you thank you!" He chuckles and hugs me back. He is awfully quiet.

He gets on the train with me to 12 where Prim is. I thought he better come so he doesnt get to suspicious but I know I am going to have to leave him somewhere while I find my mother. Ofcourse I am not going to ditch him but maybe he will want to see his family for a while alone. 

AS we arrive in 12 we first go to the hospital to see Prim. I tell the receptionist the name and she lets us through. As I open the door I see Prim. Connected to a load of wires and tubes her face pale and lips blue. I rush to her side

"Prim" I whisper tears running down my cheeks. I can hear the faint beeping from the heart moniter continuasly so I know she is fine. "Im so sorry Prim" I whisper "I love you so much please don't leave me" Peeta hugs me from behind comforting me. But it only works a little. The doctors said they don't know if she will wake up... ever again. But my hopes are high I know my little Primmy is strong. The beeping begins to slow a bit. "Prim" I say alarmed her eys open breifly and her mouth bearly parts while she whispers

"Don't cry over me im not worth it" Before her mouth shuts and the beeping is gone. 

"PRIM!" I scream trying to reach her. To help her. Anything. But Peeta drags me away as doctors surround her.

She was the world to me and now shes gone. Peeta takes me out the hospital and sits me on his lap in a small meadow behind the hospital. 

"Shh its alright heaven has earnt an angel" He whispers. Its in that same position in the same arms I fall asleep dreaming of heavens new angel...


Im sorry I cried while writing this. Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry. BUT OMG THANK YOU FOR 38K READS ON THIS!!! For someone like me that is incredible! Thank you guys I love ya and happy Valentines day!!!

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