Chapter 8

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Peetas Pov:

I lean in and sparks fly through my body. Im not gonna be the first to break this. It seems she has the same idea because after a while we are out of breath and panting. She gives me a glamerous smile then her phone goes off.

"DAMN! Were late for class!" She screeches and runs off dragging me behind her. We arrive at English and everyone stares at us.

"Got carried away sweet heart" Says hamitch drunk Again.

"what?" She hisses

" Come on we all saw you and your little boyfriend!" HE spits. She goes bright red like a tomato and just sits in her seat. I sit in mine. SUddenly KAtniss gets up and runs out of the room crying.

KAtniss Pov:

I sit down in my usual seat next to glimmer. Ugh Did i mention i hate her! She leans over and whispers to me

"Awh how was your little make out session dont worry he will never like you your nothing why would anyone like you? I bet your dad didnt die in a car accident i bet he commited suicide because he had such an ugly daughter" She hisses. I cant take this i just storm out of the room hoping i get out fast enough so no one sees the tears that are falling down my face

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