Chapter 1

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*Beep Beep Beep*

Ugh my alarm clock another day in high school. Yay!. I hate it I'm always lonely no one likes me but honestly I don't care! I don't!

I don't care about them,I just care about prim. I grab some clothes and grab my purse I change into them. I brush my hair braid it and run out the door. There's no time for hunting this morning! I look at my watch 8:25! Damn 5 minutes. I pick up my pace and as I get to the school I run through the hall ways to my locker.
I put in my combination 24-52 and grabbed my English book and start to run.BASH!

"OI WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING" Its Marvel he's always had a problem with me. I don't know why though.

"Me your the one who pee's himself" He goes red raises his fist when someone pushes him out the way.

"OI YOU DARE HIT HER!" he punches marvel in the jaw then get up and turns to face me. He turns to me bends down and gets my book.

"Thanks" I say

"You have English first" He asks

"Uh Ya!"I say

"Perfect" He says taking my hand and leading me to English. We take a seat next to each other. Hey this Peeta kid is alright! The teacher starts talking nonsense. Then Peeta passes me a note:

p: Heyy :-P

K:Heyy :-P

p:This class is so boring

k: Ikr!

p: a goat would be more interesting than this

k: Haha very good but what about a pig?

The bell rings and I go to French Peeta goes to Math we agree to meet up after school.

The day goes by quickly and I wait behind the school like promised I see Peeta coming round the corner. Wait that's not Peeta that's marvel!

" No one to help you now eh?" After that he punches me and it goes black as I fall into unconscious...

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