Chapter 32

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Katniss POV:

I walk through the heavy wooden doors and am met with a wide room and a row of judges with a white covered table in front of them. I smile at them when they look up from their paper. One at the end with gelled back hair gestures me over and I fill in my details on the sheet. He nods gratefully at me and I collect my bow and arrow out of my back pack I bought

"Stop" a feminine voice says firmly "Use ours" she gives me a bow and arrow and a guy dressed in red sets a target for me. I nod grate fully and load my bow. I aim it at the target and shoot the arrow landing in the middle of the target applause errupts in the room and I take the arrow out of the target and shoot again. Bullseye. I continue this for a while until my time is up and swiftly exit the room. As soon as the door shut a behind me my eyes set on Peeta and I run straight for him. Sensing I'm coming he stands and opens his arms and I go right into them. He softly strokes my hair and I explain to him what happened. He sits me on his lap as I come to the end of the story and a big grin is plastered on his face.

"Do you think I will get in?" I ask softly

"I think it would be stupid of them of they didn't accept you" He smiles

"Yeah I guess..." I am interrupted by Peeta's name being called "Good luck" I kiss him gently on the nose and get off him allowing him to get up. He kisses me quickly before making his way to the room. He told me He was going to show his Painting but he was going to decorate cakes so they are art. Something like that....

I am drawn out of my thought when I am picked up and placed on someone's lap again. Peeta. He smiles at me

"How did it go?" I ask

"Alright..." He has doubt in his voice

"What's wrong?" I ask. He swiftly shakes his head and watches as Annie goes in. We smile at her as she disaapears into the room.


The five judges exit the room and stand among us.

"We have decided on the students that will move on to the interview stage. But to save your time we will give you each and individual letter telling you whether you will move on to the next stage or not all we can say now is good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor" We line up to get our letters they are simple white envelopes with our name on the front. Me and Peeta find Annie and Finnick and we all go to the car and drive home. We all sit in the living room, envelopes in hand, until Finnick speaks up

"On three?" he asks and we all nod in agreement




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