Chapter 16

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Next day:

Katniss pov:

I walk in to school and head to my locker. I see Marvel standing infront of it. Oh boy! I walk up to him.

"Incase you havnt noticed peanut head this is my locker get out ma way" i shove him to the side

"Ooh Kitty got claws" He smirks leaning against the lockers. I look at my scheduel ignoring him Gym first then music. I grab my gym bag slam my locker in Marvels face and strut off.

I make my way to gym after getting changed i head to the hall. The teacher isnt there yet. I see Glimmer walk up to me smirking.

"Whats that Kitty" she hisses refering to my ankle i look down. Uh Oh! My ankle bracelet. 


"Listen Katniss i want you to have this it means i will never leave you no matter what" He says handing me an ankle bracelet with 'Always' engraved on it. After that i wore it every day after he died i felt it was like the last part i had of him

End of flashback;

Before i can realise what she is doing she rips it from my ankle and runs of

"OI GLIMMER GET BACK HERE" i scream chasing her round the hall. I chase her out the door she heads for the school lake and drops it in there before running back. Tears escape from my eyes as i frantically search for it. Im on my knees looking for it but the lake is so muddy you can bearly see a thing. Glimmer runs behind me and shoves me in

"Come on Kitty search deeper" She teases and runs off. I dive under and find it. Its muddy and wet but i dont care i get out and head to my locker. Glimmer stole my other clothes so im stuck in this. Out of the corner of my eye i see Peeta walking up to me. I avoid his gaze knowing what he is going to ask.

"Katniss what hapened to you?" He asks worried i dont awnser or look at him i cant im just too embarresed. He puts his fingers under my chin and forces me to look at him. I sigh

"I got in to an argument with Glimmer" its not a lie just not the complete truth. He grabs me by the hand and pulls me to his car "What are you doing?" i ask as he starts the car

"Getting you new clothes by the way what happened to you other ones?" he asks

"Glimmer has them"

"Katniss what really happened?" he asks his eyes on the road

"I have the ankle bracelet my dad gave me before he died i accidently left it on in gym glimmer noticed and took it then dumped it in the lake and pushed me in aswell" i say looking down he grabs my hand and we pull up at my house. I grab my keys and unlock the door to see my mum making out with some random man

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