Chapter 33

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Katniss POV:

I open the seal on the top of my envelope revealing a slip of paper folded up. I take it out of the envolope and unfold it reading my name. Here goes. My eyes scan the page

Dear Miss Everdeen,

We would like to inform you and congratulate you as you have been selected as one of the students to go to the inteview stage! You should feel proud out of the three hundred applicants you were one of the fifty to get through to the inteview stage. 

See you there,

Hunger Games Collage

I did it! I got to the next stage! A smile etches on my face and I look up to see everyone still reading there letters. I look at Finnick first and see him look up with a poker face. Then Annie looks at me.

Eventually Peeta. They look sympathetic towards me. What is going on?

"Well?" I ask my voice on edge "How did you do?" They all look down embarresed.

oh no they havnt got in... What am I gonna do-

"WE GOT IN!" They chorus and I run up to them and hug them. A few tears slip from my eyes. We can get back what we lost. I run up to Peeta and hug him tight and out the corner of my eye I see Annie on the phone to someone. She puts the phone down and simply says

"Prim is in hospital"

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