Chapter 11

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Peetas POV:

Me gale and finnick have worked out a plan. were all stationed around the truck. We see the Kidnapper come out. They take off there mask and I instantly know who it is

"Why why did you do that?" I ask angry

"Peeta sweety i missed you so much " she goes to hug me but a swipe her off

"Get away from me"

"Peeta I'm your own mother that is no way to treat me!" my mum states

"Really? you beat me threaten me and kidnap my girlfriend and you call that being a mother!" I shout

"she is not your girlfriend and never will be!"

"and why is that"

"because in going to kill her" I sprint towards her and tackle her to the ground and punch her gale takes control while I go to get katniss finnick is helping gale so I'm alone. I open the door and take off her restraints she cries in to my shoulder

"she shh its OK your OK" I coo

"who was it?" she stutters through tears

"my mum" I reply sadly. she nods as if wanting to ask something she sighs

"What happened was ur mum not going home because of me?"

"honestly yeah my dad kicked her out so I could come in and she ran off and that gas ended up with her in prison" I reply honestly. the police and ambulance turn up.

"Right we need you to tell us in full detail what this woman did to you" the police states while the ambulance medic guy checks her


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