Chapter 5

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Katniss Pov:

I walk off the stage. I wonder if he knew it was for him. I dont know But for now im just going to focuse on the present. I pack up my stuff and walk out.

" I Believe that song was for me?" Yay He knew. " So wanna date?" Wait thats not Peeta's Voice. Its Marvels! I stand still like a statue. He stays behind my so close i can feel his breaths on my neck. I shiver from fear. "Lets just make this clear you dont do what i say and i will kill the ones you love SO can i have my awnser now?" I Dont say anything i just stay silent not daring to move. "Fine who should i start with" He begins to walk off.

"WAIT!" I shout"

"Ah so i finally get an awnser"

" Sure but if you lay a finger on any of my loved ones i swear you wont live to see the end of how your life was suppose to end" I came across a bit stubborn but i dont care.

"Fine but you have to do everything i say!"

"okay" I reply. I can only think on what Peeta's gonna think. He will think i dont like him. Gah! Why is my lifee so complicated.

Peetas Pov:

I walk back stage to meet Katniss shes not there i go to the exit and see her and someone else talking. I knew its nosey but i need to know what theyre saying."If you dont do what i say I will kill all your loved ones" He says harshley. She agrees and he walks away. I know confronting him will make it worse. I get my phone out and text finnick

Peeta: Finnick i need your help

Finnick: What is it bro?

Peeta: Marvel

Finnick: Do we have a plan?

Peeta: Yeah but i need your help with it.

FInnick. Ok so what has he done this time

Peeta: Threatend Katniss saying if she didnt go out with him and all that he would kill everyone she loved.

Finnick: Again? Ugh i hate him so whats the plan?

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