Chapter 19

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Katniss Pov:

I sit on mine and Peetas bed writing a song while he is in the shower I sing it quietly or myself


I pick up my guitar and play the melody


"That's beautiful Katniss" Peeta says from behind me "Just like you" he whispers the last part. I put down the guitar and gently slap him in the stomach

*Next Day*

I wake up to My phone ringing. I pick it up and press accept without looking who is calling

'Mhm' I moan

'Katniss Everdeen where are you?' oh great my mother! I hang up and lay back down to see Peeta awake. My phone rings again but I dont awnser. Peeta leans over me and grabs my phone to awnser it.

'Miss Everdeen' Peeta says

'Peeta is that you?' she asks All innicont. Oh really?

'Yes it is'

'Good to hear from someone respectful will you please tell my daughter to come hone now please',She asks then hangs up. I guess she didn't know my phone was on speaker.

*At school*

My first Period I have with Annie well I did but the teachers made an announcement.

"Katniss Everdeen to the principles office immediately" the heads voice booms throughout the whole school.

"What have you done this time?" Annie sighs I shrug I dont know what I have done? I make my way to the Principal's Office. I knock on the door and he orders me inside

"Miss Everdeen?" He starts

"What have I done now?" I sigh

"First we are meeting way to often?" he says

"Look if there is a point to this please get to it I dont have all day!" I say aggravated

"an anonymous student has bought something to my attention" He begins

"What who what what?" I stutter

"Hunting is a huge violation of district twelve especially going beyond the fence!" He says "It seems this information classes you as a crimal and I have no choice but to expel you" What?

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