Chapter 13

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Peeta's POV:

The ambulance drives to the hospital and Katniss never let's go of my land its like her life depends on it. I don't object I've been craving for her touch and now I have it I'm not letting it go again. When we get to the hospital they take her for an xray and she doesn't object you can tell she is just tired and wants to sleep. A few minutes later the doctor comes out

"it seems katniss has been hit round the head by something but soon enough her full memory will come back does she have any family members?" he asks

"Yes" I reply "I will call them for you" I get out my phone and tap in Katniss's home number

Prims POV:

The phone rings my mum is still as distant as a pine cone on out of space. I pick it up



"Peeta!! did you find Katniss"

"Yes but she has suffered minor memory loss and may not remember you"


"She will be awake in a couple of hours the doctors say that soon her full memory will come back do you want to visit her"


I let a tear fall down my face My sister might not remember me. I slide down the wall in tears.

Katniss POV:

I see my daughter walk through the room.

"Prim!" I exclaim

"You remember me!?" she smiles

"How could I forget my own daughter!" I say

"What?" she says. I just look at her questioningly "I'm not your daughter I'm your sister" Sister Sister! she's my sister I remember! Slowly my life sorts itself in to shape

"Sister prim boyfriend Peeta Best friend Gale Friends Madge and finnick and Annie" I make a list of people how could I forget them They all smile at me

"Welcome back" Peeta says and kisses my cheek he goes to let go of my hand but I don't let him

"Hey! I may be back bit that doesn't mean you can let go of me!" Peeta laughs and grabs my hand again I smile at him. the medic guy comes back in

"It seems you have broken your leg is your memory back miss Everdeen" I nod and he casts my leg. He gives me crutches and my discharge papers that I need to sign.I

sign but then it says Any relations sign so I hand it to Peeta and he signs as well. I get up and try my best on the crutches. I stumble a few times but Peeta catches me

"Peeta can I sleep at yours tonight?" I ask

"Sure" he replies. We drop prim off then go to Peetas house. "Dad rye and Jay are all out so its just us tonight" We walk in to the living room and Peeta puts on a movie 'Now you see me now you don't' it's really funny and clever. Once it's finished Peeta helps me upstairs to his room.

"I don't have any clothes apart from these" I say he pulls out one of his tops. it's extremely comfy and I snuggle up to him and fall asleep

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