Chapter 31

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Peeta's POV:

It has been 2 weeks since Katniss got out of hospital and today is the day when all of us do our audition for the collage.Today we show our skills and if they like it then they will ask us to come back for an inteview. I am really nervous I am going to show them my painting skills, Katniss Archery, Finnick Not tying, Annie Swimming and Johanna weaponry. We havnt spoken or even seen Gale since his and Katniss' 'argument' I don't even want to see him EVER again. He hurt my girl and that is not okay!

"Peeta!" Katniss snaps her fingers infromt of me face.


"Its time to go" She gestures to the door

"Oh right..." I grab her hand and walk out the house, ofcourse i lock it, i gently swing our arms before getting in the car. Finnick and Annie are already in so I take the drivers seat while scowling at Finnick for making me drive. 

When we arrive a big tall narrow building sits on the earth surrounded by grass. It looks extremly posh with its huge glass windows. Annie and Katniss gasps at the beautiful building. yes i said beautiful. Dont judge me! 

We sit in the waiting room on white chairs like a doctors office. 

"Katniss Everdeen" The voice from the speaker calls. She swiftly gets up and walks through the doors. Her posture is ridged out of nervnessness. Who can blame her? She did get expelled from her last school! Wait so did i? Will we be able to attend a collage like this if we have been expelled from school?

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