Chapter 34

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A/N: Emotional and sad scene (You have been warned)

"Prim is in hospital"


Katniss falls limp in my arm and I lay her on the sofa.

"Do you know why?" I ask turning away from Katniss to face Annie

"Yes but it will shock you especially Katniss" She looks down a tear escaping her eye

"Annie tell me" I keep my voice firm but I feel sorry for Annie because she's shaking like a leaf when she refuses to awnser I ask again "Annie" Her bloodshot eyes scan mine and she begins to speak...


"Annie" I hear Peeta say firmly

"The doctors found bruises and cut on her body after they found her in the street and they have looked closer and found that those scars could only have been put there by human hands. They took DNA tests on the cuts and found finger prints of Katniss mother on them. Her mum was abusing Prim and no one knows why"

She abused prim!?

my sweet little angelic sister

oh she's going to pay.

I feel Peeta sitting beside ME and I pretend to be asleep its better if he doesn't know what I'm going to do...

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