Chapter 37

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Katniss POV:

This is it.

Today is the day of the inteviews for the collage. Our last chance to impress them. I have to make sure atleast Peeta,Annie and Finnick get in as I dragged them out of highschool like the idiot I am. I look down and notice my wrist bleeding from scratching my self. Sometimes I do that when I get upset. Peeta doesnt know and I dont plan on him, or anyone, knowing. I clear the blood up before pulling my hoodie sleeves over my arms. I meet them all at the door.

"Ready to go?" Peeta flashes a smile at me. I nod and we all hop in the car. Me and Annie in the back and Finnick and Peeta in the front.

We sit in the waiting room, My knee twitches uncontrollably and I can't seem to stop it.

"Peeta Mellark" A voice calls. I give Peeta a peck on the lips before he enters the room. You can tell he is nervous by his facial expression. I just hope they accept him


"Thank you Peeta we will be in touch soon" One of the inteviewers from the long table smiles. I turn away and walk out letting out a huge breath. I sit next to Katniss and wait for her Finnick and Annie to go in. Next is Annie and then Finnick. It ends up just us 4 in the room waiting for Katniss' name. Eventually it gets called and I watch her walk in. We all sit in a comfortable silence waiting for Katniss. When she comes out she doesnt say a word just walks past us. We follow her to the car and we all hop in. Again everyone is silent. 

It is a relief to get to the house and be able to be alone. I dont know why I feel I just need to relax and calm down. I sit on mine and Katniss' bed when I hear sobbing coming from the bathroom. I can tell its Katniss so I go to the door and knock on it

"Katniss?" I ask 

"Yeah" she sniffs

"Whats wrong?" No awnser "Katniss" I go and get one of her hair pins and unlock the door and there on the floor Is Katniss holding a photo of Prim...

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