Chapter 24

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Finnick's Pov:

Peeta hasnt said anything more about the proposal since the other week when Marvel came. Marvel has not been back since. Im glad. But were meeting up with Gale and Johanna later to see how there doing. They say a collage is opening that we could all attend. The applications come out next week and we are all going to sign up. But we have to sign up for two subjects. I guess thats how they roll...

Katniss Pov:

I walk through town hand in hand with peeta. Finnick and Annie are exactly the same. There is a comfortable silence between all of us. I guess were thinking about the collage. I definetly am. I wanna go and so does Peeta, Annie, Finnick, Johanna and Gale. It will be light High School all over again. It will make up for what I did to Peeta. I still havent forgotten the fact that I got him expelled. I mean I kinda feel bad for finnick and Annie aswell because they left Highschool to be with us. I mean we have to audition to get in the collage. We choose two subjects and have to prove were talented in them. High expectations there I guess. 

I see Gale and Johanna walking towards us. Its too slow. Like turtles. So I run up to them and embrace them both. I feel Peeta, Annie and Finnick joining the hug. once we break the hug we walk into the restraunt and order drinks then we start talking endlessly about the collage and how our lives have being. I catch Finnick looking at Peeta alot when Gale says about the future. Whats going on? I will find out later. I better! I excuse myself to the bathroom. I walk in and hear someones highheels clipping. I enter and see someone i didnt want to see. Why is she here! 

"Katniss" she hisses

"Glimmer" i hiss back. This is not going to end well...


Heyy So Thanks for 8k reads. Thats like amazing! So I was thinking of once they have done all the auditions and blah blah would you like me to write a book about the collage? please comment if you would or not Thanks x


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